APRIL 2005 [127 ALBUMS = 197CDs]

April 15 2005 [18CDs]

64] Acid Mothers Temple - Spaceland 2004 [no label 1CD] live at Spaceland, Los Angeles, June 6 2004. Recorded with $2,000 mics direct via soundboard. Ex AUD? Stereo. The last minute of the final track cut! to fit 80min disc! AAARGH!

65] Beck/ Kathleen Edwards - Morning Becomes Eclectic 2005 [no label 1CD] two shows first is Edwards on Mar 24, second is Beck on Mar 31. Ex FM stereo. Beck was promoting his 2005 releases Guero. Edwards was promoting 2005’s Back To Me.


66] David Bowie - Kingston Poly 1972 [no label 1CD] live at Kingston Polytechnic, England, May 6 1972. From SavageJaw. Gd AUD mono? Third generation source, remixed to bring up the sound.

67] Elvis Costello - 4 Acres Club, 1977 [no label 1CD] live in New York, Dec 6 1977. Ex- FM stereo.

68] Emmylou Harris [& Hot Band] - London 1975 [no label 1CD] live at New Victoria Theatre, London, Nov 25 1975. Ex FM/SBD? stereo

69] New Order - Rehearsals: 1981-1984 [no label 1CD] Studio sessions on Oct 9 1981 amd Sept 2 1984. + 2 tracks from 1982 and vocal demo for 1985’s Let’s Go. Ex SBD stereo. This tape was found in New Order’s rehearsal studio and auctioned on eBay but not before a copy was made and circulated.

70] Anthony Braxton Quartet - Standards in Italy 2003 [no label 1CD] live at Bergamo Jazz Festival, Teatro Donizetti, Italy on Feb 21 2003. Ex SBD stereo. Glitch on Tk 1 at 7.35m. Sounds like from source recording and not due to copying.

71] Rosa Ensemble & Hans Dagelet - Selling Hoovers in Mojave: Music of Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart [no label 1CD] live at De Kikker, Utrecht, Netherlands, Oct 8 2004. Broadcast on Jan 31 2005. Ex FM stereo.

72] William Parker’s Big Moon Ensemble - Double Quartet, NY 1979 [no label 3CD] live at Washington Square Methodist Church, New York Loft Jazz Festival, May 4 1979. Broadcast on WKCR-FM. Ex- to Ex FM stereo.

73] Magnolia Electric Co - Minneapolis 2004 [no label 1CD] live at 7th Street Entry, Minnosota, Dec 11 2004. Ex- SBD stereo. First track is rough and improves by Tk2.

74] Van Morrison - Chicago 1974 [no label 2CD] live at Auditorium Theatre, US, Oct 18 1974. From previously uncirculated tape by Howard Silver. VG AUD mono? Gets better as you listen.

75] Elvis Presley - Electrifying [Bilko 1CD] Tks 1-10 rehearsals at Culver City, California, July 16 1970. Tks 11-14 live at International Hotel, Las Vegas, Feb 23 1970 + Tks 15-20 rehearsals at Culver City, July 29 1970 + Tks 21-25 live at International Hotel, Feb 23 1970. Ex SBD stereo.

76] Elvis Presley - My, It’s Been A Long, Long Time [Luxor 1CD] live at Greensboro, North Carolina, June 30 1976 + 3 tracks by The Sweet Inspirations, Duluth, Minnesota, Oct 16 1976. Ex SBD stereo.

77] Taj Mahal - The Bottom Line, 1974 [no label 1CD] live in New York, Oct 1974. Broadcasted on WNYU FM. Ex FM stereo.

78] World Party - From The Vaults: Live Collection [no label 1CD] various dates and venues unidentified. Mostly Ex SBD stereo.

April 17 2005 [10CDs]


79] Kate Bush - This Woman’s Complete Works [no label 4CD] rarities but cover art does not provide info on venue or date for most. VG to Ex mix of audience and soundboard.

80] The Clash - Leicester 1977 [no label 1CD] live at De Montfort Hall, May 13 1977. Ex- SBD stereo

81] Steve Forbert - Broadside [no label 1CD] 1976 demos. Unfortunately no setlist or art. Ex SBD stereo.

82] Mary Hopkin - Spirit [no label 1CD] Out of print 1989 LP never issued on CD. Ex SBD stereo

83] Phil Ochs - Demos/ Live [no label 1CD] various demos and live from 1970-1971. 9 tracks live at Westbury Music Fair, New York, Apr 25 1970. Includes Chords of Fame jammed in Ann Arbor hotel room with John Lennon on dobro, Dec 1971. Ex SBD + VG AUD mono for Westbury concert.

84] The Runaways - Born To Be Bad Outtakes [no label 1CD] demos for 1975’s Born To Be Bad. The band at this point are Joan Jett, Michael Steele and Sandy West. VG+ SBD stereo. Steele later joins The Bangles.

85] The Runaways - Fuck Stardom! Hit Records! $$$! Fame! [no label 1CD] live at The Agora, Cleveland, Ohio, July 19 1976. Ex SBD stereo.

April 19 2005 [19CDs]

86] Mile Davis - Live in Shinjuku, 1975 [no label 1CD] this is the first concert, second set only at Shinjuku, Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan, Feb 8 1975. This is just the last part of the Zipperdeke bootleg, From Pangaea to Agharta and Somewhere InBetween. But this has been speed-corrected, re-tracked and renamed correctly. Ex SBD stereo.

87] Duran Duran - Hammersmith, London 2005 [no label 1CD] live in London, Jan 13 2005. The original band on reunion tour. This is the complete radio broadcast of incomplete concert. Ex FM stereo.

88] Flying Burrito Brothers - Fillmore East 1970 [no label 1CD] live in New York, Nov 7 1970, late show. The Burritos are Michael Clarke, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Bernie Leadon and Rick Roberts. Gram had already left the band at this point. Ex SBD stereo.

89] Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Germany 1998 [no label 1CD] live at Sojus 7, Monheim, Dec 17 1998. Ex SBD stereo


90] Godspeed You! Black Emperor - France 2002 [no label 3CD] live at L’Echangeur, Bagnolet, France, Jan 22 2002. Ex SBD/AUD? Stereo

91] Old Crow Medicine Show - Chicago 2004 [no label 2CD] live at Subterranean, Chicago, Apr 18 2004 to promote OCMS album. Discovered by Doc Watson’s daughter, their debut self-titled album was produced[?] by David Rawlings. Ex SBD stereo.

92] Pink Floyd - Speed Corrected Hollywood Bowl: Platinum Edition [Dan Lynch ReMaster 2CD] live at the Hollywood Bowl, Sept 22 1972 on Dark Side Tour. This is Dan’s Fireman’s Tapes series taken from the original master audience tape. Ex- AUD stereo. The new, corrected version.

93] Liz Phair - Unreleased Songs [no label 1CD] a fan compilation of demos and performances from 1994-1999 includes demos for Whitechocolatespaceegg. VG to EX

94] Kevin Rowland [Dexy’s Midnight Runners] - Thunder Road [no label 1CD] one track only, a cover of Springsteen’s classic Thunder Road left off the 1999 album My Beauty allegedly because the Boss’ camp objected to lyric changes. Ex SBD stereo. Perfect.

95] Bruce Springsteen - Home Of The 76ers [Godfather 2CD] live at Philadelphia, Spectrum, Oct 27 1976. VG SBD stereo. This soundboard has a harsh sound and the mix is a bit off to my ears giving undue emphasis to a chiming tympani [?]. The 7 bonus tracks are from New York Palladium, Oct 29,30 and Nov 4 1976.

96] Bruce Springsteen - The Lost Soundboard Tape [Asbury Records 3CD] live at the Palladium, New York, Sept 17 1978. Notable for first live version of Meeting Across The River after a few years absence. Ex- SBD stereo. This is supposedly better than Someday We’ll Look Back On This. With artwork.

97] Nirvana - MTV Live And Loud: Seattle 1993 [no label 1DVD] live on MTV, at Pier 48 in Seattle, Dec 13 1993. Audio Ex SBD stereo; Video Ex-

April 21 2005 [11CDs]

98] John Lennon - One To One Concert [Zeus 3CD] live at Madison Square Garden, Aug 30 1972, both afternoon and evening show. CD1 PM show GD AUD stereo. CD2-3 VG AUD stereo. Released in very limited quantities[?] in 1999.

99] Mott The Hoople - Flash And Crash [Colosseum 1CD] live at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Apr 13 1974. Ex SBD stereo. This is the best version, I think, of this show. Two tracks were released officially on a Mott compilation some years ago.

100] Syd Barrett - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind [Westwood 2CD] rarities from 1967-1974, demos, sessions, BBC. 35 tracks. VG - EX SBD stereo/mono

101] Slade - Short Hair [Gypsy Eye 1CD] live on BBC Top of the Pops, 1970-1973. 23 tracks. Ex radio broadcast stereo?

102] Three Dog Night - A Point In Tokyo With [Private Master 2CD] live at Budokan, Tokyo on Dec 21 1972. VG AUD stereo. This recording lacks presence and the performance of TDN is also less than tight.

103] Yes - The Goddess of Mercy [Highland 2CD] 42 tracks of pre-Yes bands featuring Peter Banks, Tony Kaye, Rick Wakeman, Alan White, Jon Anderson, Chris Squire and Steve Howe. Ex SBD stereo

April 23 2005 [9CDs]


104] Ryan Adams - Live In Paradiso [no label 3CD] live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Feb 6 2002. With his band The Sweetheart Revolution. Ex SBD stereo. Professionally recorded and mixed.

105] David Bowie - A Cat From London [no label 1CD] live at Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo, Japan, Apr 20 1973. This does not have the error on 1 track that Suicide Attack has. Ex- AUD stereo

106] David Bowie - Isle Of Wight 2004 [no label 1CD] live at Isle Of Wight, UK, broadcast on Virgin Radio. Tracks 1-10 Virign Radio, UK. Broadcast 13th June, 2004; Track 11 Channel 4 TV, UK. Broadcast 14th June, 2004. Ex FM stereo. 6 songs only.

107] Elvis Costello - Portland Theatre 1977 [no label 1CD] live in Oregon, USA, 1977? Ex- SBD stereo. Raw soundboard with Elvis sounding gruff. Tk 6 at 1.06-1.08 digi glitch.

108] Gang Of Four - Kershaw Sessions 2005 [no label 1CD] live on Andy Kershaw’s radio show, Feb 2005. Ex FM stereo.

109] Knead - Tokyo 2003 [no label 1CD] live at Yanvera Club, Japan, Feb 2 2003. This is Ruins with Keiji Haino. Ruins are Yoshida Tatsuya and Sasaki Hisashi. Ex SBD stereo.

110] Okkervil River - Emo’s Austin, Texas 2003 [no label 1CD] live at Emo’s, USA, Nov 15 2003. Tk 2 has a tiny blip halfway through. Ex SBD stereo.

April 25 2005 [12CDs]


111] Tori Amos - Tori Stories [PD 4CD] CD1 Baltimore Sessions; Under The Pink solo piano demos; private performance spring 1978. CD 2 Live at Roxy Theatre, Amsterdam, Holland Mar 15 1992 to promote Little Earthquakes. CD 3 covers various dates/venues unidentified. CD 4 Live at London Palladium, England, Mar 29 1994 to promote Under The Pink. VG to Ex sound. Not exactly definitive coverage but some nice gems.

112] Whiskeytown [with Ryan Adams] - Radio Sessions [no label 1CD] live at KCRW World Café and Mountain Stage, 1996-1998, 16 tks. Ex FM stereo. There is 1-sec click at beginning of tk1.

113] Ringo Starr - Beaucoups of Blues: Acetate Version [Yellow Cat 1CD] This is the 13-track acetate of all the songs Ringo recorded in Nashville, June 1970, including the still unreleased The Wishing Book. Only absent are the Nashville Jam [a jam session found on the 1995 reissued Beaucoups of Blues] and Coochy Coochy also on the 1995 reissue. Ex SBD stereo. The mix places the vocals in the right speaker only.

114] Tin Machine - They Belong In Rock N Roll [no label 2CD] CD1 live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan, Jan 30 1992. CD2 live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Feb 6 1992. VG+ AUD stereo?

115] David Bowie - On Air [Pablo Records 1CD] Tk1-2 live in Milan, RAI TV Studios, Oct 6 2002. Tk 3-14 live in Maida Vale Studios, BBC, London, Oct 5 2002. Tk 15-16 live in Roseland Ballroom, New York, June 11 2002. Ex FM stereo.

116] Blue Oyster Cult - Imaginos Demos [no label 1CD] Demos recorded by Albert Bouchard and Sandy Pearlman for the band’s obligation to complete one more album for Columbia in 1987. There are a few clicks and glitches eg Tk 12 at 4.47m. Ex SBD stereo

117] Gene Clark - 20th Anniversary of the Byrds 1985 [no label 2CD] CD1 live at Harpos, Detroit, Feb 21 1985 broadcast on WLLZ. CD2 live at Mountain Stage, Jan 15, 1988. Ex FM stereo.

April 27 2005 [14CDs]

118] Miles Davis - Lost Quintet Extra: Village Gate 1969 [no label 1CD] live at Village Gate, New York, May-June 1969. Ex AUD? stereo. Possibly a soundboard or radio broadcast. This set is not in MilesTree.Org’s Lost Quintet set.

119] Satoko Fujii Quartet - Germany 2001 [no label 1CD] live at Friezeitpark, Moers, June 3 2001. Ex FM stereo. Satoko plays free jazz ala Cecil Taylor. She writes her own material. This is a brief set with four tracks.


120] Charlie Hunter Quartet featuring Norah Jones - With Norah Jones [no label 2CD] live at Union Theatre, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Oct 13 2001. Ex AUD stereo. The jazz guitarist meets the diva. CD1 is devoted to Hunter’s quartet. Jones plays piano as well on CD2.

121] Sun Ra - Detroit Jazz Centre [no label 5CD] live at the Jazz Centre, Detroit, Dec 27 1980. Ex SBD stereo

122] Led Zeppelin - San Diego 1977 [no label 3CD] live at the San Diego Sports Arena, California, June 19 1977. A Mike Millard recording untampered by bootlegger. Ex AUD stereo. There are at least three bootleg labels offering this show in circulation. This version is allegedly direct from Millard’s tapes.

123] Van Morrison - The Complete Bottomline 1978 [no label 2CD] live in New York, Nov 1 1978. First time both early and late shows are included. The late show is minus the DJ chatter. Ex FM stereo. ReMastered by Van fan Four-Eyed Freak. Excellent.

April 29 2005 [4CDs]

124] Public Enemy - Switzerland 1992 [no label 1CD] live at Winterhur, Apr 9 1992. Ex SBD stereo. The final track is cut at 2.15m. It should be much longer. That’s the way I received this.


125] The Replacements - Into The White [no label 1CD] live at Bogarts, Cincinatti 1986? No clear date or venue. The story: "The guy that started circulating this boot called it Into the White because he was recording them on cheap plain white cdr's. He said it was from??? , but i've never been able to confirm that date or that they even played there in ‘85.

"Then i saw a post from a guy who saw them at Bogarts in early 86' so i sent him a copy and he said it was the same show he saw.(4/5/86)… He did however send me a scan of the ticket from the show(very cool of him) and made it into cover art for the show(let me know if you want me to send cover-art).

"I've been calling it 4/5/86 but giving a disclaimer before the trade when someone is interested in it." VG AUD? Stereo. Vocals are clear but the instruments are muddy.

126] Patti Smith - Radio Israel [no label 1CD] live on Yoav Kutner’s Music Today show, Galei Tzahal, July 27 1999. Ex FM stereo. First performance of China Bird.

127] VARIOUS - Berkeley Free Clinic Benefit 1970 [no label 1CD] broadcast on KGO-FM in San Francisco 1970. Bands who performed in the studio include Jefferey Cain [1], The Youngbloods, Boz Scaggs and Dan Hicks/ Hot Licks. VG-Ex- FM stereo.

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