OCTOBER 2005 [222 ALBUMS = 359CDs]

October 3 2005 [24CDs]

1] Manassas with Stephen Stills - Atlanta 1972 [no label 1CD Torrent: 51689] live in Atlanta, GA, May 15 1972. Uncirculated complete show surfaced July 2005. Ex SBD stereo. Tk 16 has a 5 sec gap. Tk 17 is cut. All found on original source tape.

2] Manassas - Down The Road Outtakes [Pink Robert 1CD Torrent: 51643] Excellent quality collection of studio outtakes from Manassas second album 1973 remastered by Captain Acid. There are many versions in circulation but this one is the most complete and the best quality by far. According to Cpt Acid this is the only copy he gave away. Ex SBD stereo. Distributed by Pink Robert.


3] Big Audio Dynamite - Entering a New Ride: Unreleased Album 1997 [no label 1CD Torrent: 51481] Big Audio Dynamite’s final, and unreleased, album. The follow-up to 1995’s "F-Punk" was presented to Radioactive Records, who rejected it. The band broke up not long afterwards. CD-R copies started circulating among B.A.D. fans in 1999, once it became clear that it wasn’t going to be released. Ex SBD stereo. Mick Jones’ band.

4] Leonard Cohen - Rarities And Unpublished Songs [no label 2CD Torrent: 51614] Compilation of rarities. CD1: Variable quality; CD2: Superb quality. Tracks 10 and 11 of CD2 have been removed from this copy as they were officially released. Gd to Ex.

5] VARIOUS - JATP All-Stars 1956 (Dizzy, Oscar, Ella, Flip, Gene, ..... ) [no label 2CD Torrent: 51540] live in Hamburg, Feb 29, 1956. This is from a radio broadcast of very good quality (A/B), I guess produced by NDR[?]. The All-Stars are:
Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge (tp),
Flip Philips, Illinois Jacquet (ts),
Oscar Peterson (p),
Herb Ellis (g),
Ray Brown (b),
Gene Krupa (dr),
Ella Fitzgerald [voc]
Lineage Source: [CD 1, tracks 1-3: FM>Cass.; all other tracks FM>MD] VG+ to Ex- FM stereo. Some of it is lossy.

6] Joni Mitchell - Philadelphia Academy Of Music 1972 [no label 1CD Torrent: 51716] live in Philadelphia, Mar 2, 1972, complete show. VG AUD stereo. A rare show.

7] The New Pornographers - WFMU 2001 [no label 1CD Torrent: 58864] live at WFMU, 2001. Half-hour radio session, 8 tracks. Ex FM stereo.

8] Pink Floyd - Something from Nothing [Digital Reproductions 2CD Torrent: 59209] live at Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC, Nov 16, 1971. "An excellent live audience recording, very clean and very low gen. Other versions of this show had considerable problems with edits between songs, strange volume levels and complete drop outs. All those problems have now been corrected and the results net a fantastic early Floyd show. One of These Days is a really spacey version, considerably different and longer than most other versions. Echoes is presented by its working title, a little bit of humor from the boys. Dave seems to be in great spirits and loses control during the end of Cymbaline. Another must have recording if you are an early Floyd fan." — The Digital Dan. Ex- AUD stereo.

9] Pink Floyd - Live for a Friend [Ganja Records 1CD Torrent: 59002] live in London, England, May 11 1973. The Benefit Concert for Robert Wyatt who fell from a window and was paralysed. Includes two studio tracks Brain Damage and Us and Then (Richard Wright piano solo). VG+ AUD stereo.

10] Pink Floyd - Animal Instincts [Harvested 014 2CD Bootcity 3196] live at Oakland Coliseum, May 9, 1977 on Animals Tour. This remaster is reputed to be better than the source audience master tape. Ex- AUD stereo.


11] Elvis Presley - Kansas City Blues [Ft Baxter 1CD Torrent: 57468] live at Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Mo, June 29, 1974, evening show. Fort Baxter thought it would be best to use this time songs from the Milwaukee, WI show recorded the previous night. Remastered version of the same show that appears on the Profile boxset with different bonus tracks. Ex SBD stereo.

12] Rolling Stones - Europe 73 [VGP - 011 1CD Torrent: 59639] a combination of live at Foret Nationale, Brussels, Belgium, October 17, 1973 1st show and Wembley Empire Pool, London, September 9, 1973 (*). This is the King Biscuit Flower Hour show from 1973. This is Gold edition CD which is also 5th edition. Fans have collected various editions and versions of this show with each new release claiming to be better than the last. This version was released 2004?. Ex SBD? stereo.

13] Sonic Youth - La Route du Rock 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 58281] live in St Malo, France, Aug 14, 2005. Ex FM stereo but have to bear with French DJ banter before most songs. This is the more complete broadcast of this show.

14] The Ventures- Belly Up Tavern 1990 [no label 2CD Torrent: 58200] live at Solana Beach CA, Apr 19, 1990. Each CD has one show from that date. Ex SBD stereo.

15] The Who - West Palm Beach 2000 [no label 2CD Torrent: 59657] live at Mars Music Amphitheatre, CA Sept 24 2000. Ex SBD stereo.

16] Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - 200 Motels Live with Zubin Mehta [TMOQ 1CD Torrent: 58394] live at Pauley Pavillion, UCLA, Westwood, California, May 15, 1970. With Zubin Mehta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. "The matrix of the TMOQ vinyl boot was 746-1/2. This means that this is an East Coast pressing, and could be from the so-called "White Cover Folks". I still am completely surprised by the high quality of this recording." VG+ AUD stereo.

17] Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Complete 200 Motels Live with Zubin Mehta [DavMar77 2CD Torrent: 59057] live at Pauley Pavillion, UCLA, Westwood, California, May 15, 1970. With Zubin Mehta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. "Not only does this have the set with the LA Philharmonic,it also has the beginning and end of the show commonly edited out. My friend got this off the master years ago. My copy came off his on reel at 7-1/2 ips. I've included a setlist I found but I will rely on the folks here for something maybe a little more accurate." — Dave . VG+ AUD stereo.

October 6 2005 [18CDs]

18] Janis Joplin - San Francisco, The Matrix, 1967 [Gardener Remaster 2CD Torrent: 57484] live at The Matrix, San Francisco, USA. Unknown dates. Ex- SBD stereo.

19] Randy Newman - Ebbett’s Field 1974 [no label 1CD Torrent: 57499] live in Colorado 1974. Ex- SBD stereo. The venue has been disputed. The sound is harsh with some hiss and what sounds like echo!

20] Pink Floyd - Complete Concertgebouw 1969 [Free Range Pigs 2001 2CD] live at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Sept 17 1969. This is the complete soundboard source as recorded by Hilversum 3 Radio in the Netherlands. Pink Floyd play The Man & The Journey [complete and uncut]. Slightly over 81 mins. Ex FM stereo.

21] Pink Floyd - Steel Breeze Rev A [Harvested 013 2CD Torrent: 57322] live at Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, June 28, 1975. "Another outstanding Harvested release. An excellent show from the 1975 tour. Very good sound quality." Ex- AUD stereo.

22] Rolling Stones - Australia 1966 [no label 1CD] live in St. Kilda, Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia, Feb 24, 2nd show. VG+ SBD/FM? stereo. Short show, about 20 mins.


23] Otis Redding - A Soupcan of Soul [Big Fro Discs 1CD Torrent: 51745] Tks 1-5 Birmingham Alabama 1967; tks 6-13 various US/European radio and television broadcasts 1967; tks 14-20 Koncerthuset, Stockholm, Sweden June 4, 1967. Ex broadcast stereo.

24] Patti Smith - Horses 30th Anniversary: Meltdown Festival 2005 [no label 2CD Torrent: 51608] live at Royal Festival Hall, London, June 25, 2005. What’s left of the Patti Smith Group play the entire Horses album to celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary. Tom Verlaine and Flea guest. VG+ AUD stereo. Clear and upfront but a bit boomy.

25] John Cale & Strings - Art Project München 1992 [Pisc Disc 1CD Torrent: 51659] live in Munich, Germany, June 9 1992. Ex SBD stereo.

26] Gillian Welch & David Rawlings - 32nd Telluride Bluegrass Festival [no label 1CD Torrent: 57525] live at Town Park, Telluride, CO, June 18, 2005. With Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss & friends. Ex FM stereo. Tk 17 has digital skips. Inherent in torrent.

27] Wire - Bradford University 1978 [no label 1CD Torrent: 57386] live in England, Oct 25, 1978. "Here's a classic soundboard from a band who, not unlike The Velvet Underground, has consistently had great critical backing and kudos for the many younger bands influenced thereby, but has never enjoyed nearly enough attention at large. Here we have an early version of "I Should Have Known Better" (with a different working title), and a wonderful room shaking rendition of "Sand In My Joints"…" Ex SBD stereo.

28] Yes - TheTooleMan Presents: Wembley Matinee 1978 [TooleMan 2CD Torrent: 51652] live at Wembley, London, Oct 28 1978, matinee show. VG AUD stereo.

The evening performance has been widely circulated from the BBC broadcasts, both pre- and post-FM versions. There have also been one or two recordings of the evening show which were labeled as the afternoon show.

This is the real thing - possibly the only tape of the matinee in existence! Original audience tape by Steve Darton was provided by Mick Dillingham. The recording sounds great and is complete except for the last minute of the big medley, which was lost when side one of the tape ran out. I gave it a nice quick fade to make it less shocking.

The audience is not very talkative between songs and is attentive during them, except for some rube yelling at Rick Wakeman during Awaken. Still not too distracting.

29] Yes - Quebec: Circus Of Heaven Remastered [no label 2CD Torrent: 57396] live at Coliee, Quebec, Canada, Apr 18 1979. An excellent soundbord remastered by "thir13en" from original bootleg. This is reputed to be recorded by Yes for official live album but unreleased. Ex SBD stereo.

October 10 2005 [17CDs]

30] The Byrds - Unsurpassed Masters - 1965 [On The Air 1CD Torrent: 51944] "These are some studio out takes of the Byrds in 1965... the sound quality gives me goose bumps." Taken from recordings at Columbia Studios, Hollywood. Jim Mc Guinn: vocals, 12 string guitar; Chris Hillman: Bass Guitar; Gene Clark: Vocals, Tambourine; David Crosby: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar; Michael Clarke: Drums. With assistance from Jerry Cole: Guitar; Leon Russell: Electric Piano; Larry Knechtel: Bass; Bill Putnam: Bass; Hal Blaine: Drums; Van Dyke Parks: Organ, Piano (On "5 D"). Ex SBD stereo.


31] Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Five Way Street [The Third Eye 2CD Torrent: 51929] An essential CSNY collection of 1968-70 rarities, Pink Robert torrent. VG+ to Ex sound.

"Truly essential CSNY collection of 1968-70 rarities not to be missed. Original artwork included some incorrect details, although I am still not sure about the date and venue of the false Fillmore and Stephen Stills BBC."

32] The Doors - Live in Boston: The Joe Maloney Archive #25 [no label 2CD Torrent: 51883] live at Boston Arena, Apr 10, 1970, late show. Gd AUD stereo? Not as good as Miami 1969 in sound quality. The taper is a bit far from the stage.

33] Fleetwood Mac - Nashville 1977 [no label 2CD Torrent: 51853] live at Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN, May 21, 1977. Ex SBD stereo.

"This is a recent cassette transfer and the sound on it is outstanding. I think it's the best sounding soundboard of the Rumours tour - and an upgrade from what I've previously heard of this recording. It's a seamless recording meaning there are no cuts or edits between tracks. There is a very slight cut at the end of disc one, but it's right at the end of Gold Dust Woman, no vocals are cut. There is also a slight cut in at the beginning of disc two, but again no vocals are sliced off."

34] Joni Mitchell - Red Rocks Ampitheater 1983 [no label 2CD Torrent: 51964] live at Red Rocks, July 30, 1983. Ex SBD stereo.

"In 1983, Joni embarked on her "Refuge" tour backed by a band which included new husband Larry Klein on bass, Russell Ferrante on keyboards, Michael Landau on guitar, and Vinnie Colaiuta on the drums. Joni changed from the Jaco-Metheny stretched-out style to a more rock-based sound, though still with lots of jazz influence--sort of in a Steely Dan vein. (For those who are not familiar with these altered presentations, most can be seen in the 1983 video "Refuge of the Roads".)"

35] R E.M. - Hyde Park 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 52013] live in London, July 16, 2005, BBC Radio2 FM (off air) Broadcast on July 23, 2005. Ex FM stereo. This concert was postponed one week due to the terrorist attack in London.

36] Rainbow - Osaka, 1978 [no label 2CD Torrent: 51777] live in Koseinenkin, Japan, Jan 17 1978. With Ritchie Blackmore — guitar; Ronnie James Dio — vocals; Bob Daisley [wrong spelling on cover art] — bass; Cozy Powell — drums; David Stone — keyboards. Ex SBD narrow stereo. I heard two clicks, both at start of CD1 and 2.

37] Wilco - Metropolis, Montreal 2005 [no label 2CD] live in Quebec, June 28 2005. Ex SBD stereo. CD1 Tk1 has undulating sound mix up to 2 min mark as the levels are being adjusted. Superb show.

38] Paul Westerberg - Belly Up Tavern 2005 [Hiptune 3CD] CD1 FM94.9 interview. CD2 and CD3 live at Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA, Feb 27 2005. Ex SBD stereo. Paul sounds like he’s had one too many. Ragged.

October 13 2005 [32CDs]

39] Alice Cooper - Studio Demos 1970-1973 [no label 2CD] no location or dates. These are the demos for Love It To Death, Killer, Muscle of Love albums.VG-VG+ SBD stereo.

40] The Bangles - Acoustic Sessions 2000 [no label 1CD] Tks 1-3 are from a radio? Session Apr 30 2000 plus 2 demos and one unreleased track from Suzannh Hoffs 1990’s album. Ex- SBD stereo.

41] Bob Dylan - New Orleans 1976 [Yellow Cat 2CD Torrent: 52429] live at The Warehouse New Orleans, May 3 1976. "This is a beautiful soundboard recording of the entire Dylan portion (minus Isis) of the 1976-05-03 show at the Warehouse in New Orleans. Bobsboots.com says of this release, on the Yellow Cat label: "This is a great show that has been released several times in the past, always incomplete. This is the best version to date." A great recording, not marred by the oversaturation that exists on a lot of the RTR soundboards.

"This is one of those times where the filler is as good as the main show: there are three outstanding filler tracks included on this to round out disc 2: Hurricane, Oh Sister, and Simple Twist Of Fate, which are from a 1975-12-13 FM simulcast of the television show "The World of John Hammond." The fidelity on these is incredible, and Dylan puts in a typical outstanding mid-70s performance." Ex SBD stereo. Some think the speed needs fixing but not sure if too fast or too slow?

42] Helena Springs [with Bob Dylan] - Rundown Studios ’79 Demos [no label 1CD Torrent: 52517] Demos recorded at Rundown Studios, Santa Monica, CA, October 1979. Is that Dylan on piano? Songs are co-composed with Dylan. Only 7 mins. VG+ SBD stereo.

43] Steve Forbert - Renfe Club, Italy 1998 [no label 1CD Torrent: 52338] live in Ferrara, Italy, Nov 29 1998. Solo tour. Ex- SBD stereo. The sound is a bit harsh.

44] Golden Earring - Third Live [Vince Taylor Records 2CD] Released in 2000 this is a soundboard recording from Huizerpop, Huizen, July 1, 1989. Ex- SBD stereo


45] Grateful Dead - The Last Grateful Dead Show 1995 [no label 2CD Torrent: 52021] live at Soldier Field, Chicago, IL, July 9 1995. Jerry Garcia died Aug 9, 1995. Ex SBD stereo. One track removed CD1 tk 10 — So Many Roads, part of this version was included in the boxset of the same name. This copy is missing one track.

46] Rickie Lee Jones - A Slow, Easy Mark 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 52180] live at the Waterfront in Camden, New Jersey, July 23 2005. "Recorded from the audience 12 feet from the stage. Very clear. You can even hear the serial number of the first of two helicopters that whirred overhead." VG++ AUD stereo.

47] Thelonious Monk - Last Show at The Philharmonic 1975 [no label 1CD Torrent: 52142] live at Philharmonic Hall, NYC, July 3 1975. One of his last shows. Thelonious Monk-piano; Paul Jeffrey-tenor; Larry Ridley-bass & Tootie Monk-drums. There is a gap in Tk 4 for a few seconds. Ex- SBD stereo.

48] Led Zeppelin - '69 In Flames [Manic Depression 3CD] live in UK, Sweden and USA during Led Zeppelin’s first world tour. CD1 live in London June ’69 + Feb ’69. CD2 live in Stockholm at Concerthouse Mar 14 1969. + live in London, Nov 1969. CD3 live at Fillmore West, Apr 27 1969. Ex SBD stereo. Note: There are upgraded versions of these shows but this release was among the first bootleg CDs to arrive.


49] Led Zeppelin - Mike the Mike: Long Beach 1975 [Winston ReMaster 3CD Torrent: 60598] live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach CA, Mar 11, 1975. All songs are from the Mike Millard Source and are Complete. This version includes more Opening Annoucements. Ex AUD stereo. A MIKE MILLARD recording. UPGRADE version.

50] Joni Mitchell - Belgium Broadcast 1983 [no label 2CD Torrent: 52440] live in Brussels, Belgium, Apr 26 1983. Ex FM stereo. "The sound quality ranges from A to A- in my opinion. On the 2nd disc it seems that maybe the taper had the record levels a little high. It is not without a couple minor spots of static, but is still an excellent performance and a very good recording."

51] The Rolling Stones - A Stone In My Shoe [Vinyl Gang 2CD Torrent: 52065] live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, July 28, 1975 + one track from El Mocambo, Toronto, Canada, March 4&5, 1977. VG SBD stereo. Two tracks, Crackin’ Up and Little Red Rooster on CD2 have been removed as they appear on Love You Live. This is a reissue of the old Japanese "Detroit Rock City" Box Set and "Hear The Whistle Blowin' .

52] Patti Smith & Friends - Songs of Innocence: Protest Songs & Lullabies, Meltdown 2005 [no label 3CD Torrent: 52370] live at Royal Festival Hall, London, June 18 2005. VG- AUD stereo. The levels are too low. Turn it up.

53] Child (feat. Bruce Springsteen) - A Night Wirth Spending In Richmond 1969 [no label 1CD Torrent: 52055] live at The Centre, Richmond, VA, Sept 20 1969. "I know this is not of the same high quality as you are used of me, but this tape is so mega rare I wanted to share it with you. These are the only surviving recordings of the band Bruce had before the now infamous Steel Mill. - Spanjeganger" Gd AUD mono?

54] Bruce Springsteen - Livin’ Rock 'n' Roll [Real Thing 2CD] live in East Lansing, Michigan, Apr 4, 1976. VG AUD stereo?

55] Bruce Springsteen - Lucky Man [Prime of Rarities 1CD] Tunnel of Love demos and rough mixes 1987. VG SBD stereo.

56] Sons of the Never Wrong - Folkstage 2005 [no label 1CD] live in Chicago, July 23 2005. Release party for their fourth album. Go to www.sons.com . Ex FM stereo. Raw-ish mix.

57] Steely Dan - New Gaucho Outtakes [no label 1CD Torrent: 52531] studio recordings in BEST quality. "These are the new Gaucho Outtakes, which have better sound than the previous remastered ones. Thanks to JanDanFan for providing me with this gem. Artwork included." Ex SBD stereo. Only 40 mins.

October 17 2005 [32CDs]

58] The Band - Take a Load for Free [no label 2CD Torrent: 59855] live at the Palladium, New York City, Sept 18 1976. Ex FM stereo. The two promo tracks that came with the silver disc boots have been removed from this version. Both were official releases.


59] Paul McCartney - BBC Sold on Song 2005 [no label 2CD Torrent: 60170] live on BBC Radio 2, recorded at Abbey Road studio 2, London, Sept 17 2005 to promote Chaos & Creation in the Backyard. Paul chats and plays music in the studio with audience participation. Ex FM stereo.

60] David Bowie - BBC 50th Birthday Broadcast [no label 1CD Torrent: 59925] Recorded at Madison Square Garden during the rehearsals for the 50th Birthday Concert, Jan 8 1997. An exclusive acoustic show for BBC. Ex SBD stereo.

61] Boards Of Canada + Christ - BBC Peel Sessions [no label 1CD Torrent: 60408] live on John Peel show, 2004. Boards of Canada - 'XYZ' unreleased Peel sessions track, recorded from the original radio broadcast and Christ - live Maida Vale (presented by John Peel). "Christ was once a Boards of Canada band member but left the band before they became famous. However, BOC and Christ's music have a lot in common: voice samples, haunting ambient, dreamscape like melodies." Ex FM stereo.

62] Brian Eno/David Byrne - Ghosts Outtakes [Klondyke 1CD Torrent: 59707] My Life in the Bush of Ghosts outtakes, 1979. Ex SBD stereo.

63] John Coltrane Quintet - Man Made Miles [no label 1CD] live at Birdland? Feb 10, 1962. No idea about lineage. With Eric Dolphy. Ex- SBD/FM?? stereo. Has some clicks and pops, probably vinyl source.

64] Chicago - Sapporo, Japan 1973 [no label 1CD Torrent: 58779] live in Japan, Apr 6, 1973 on Chicago V Tour. VG+ AUD stereo. Slightly boomy.

65] Deep Purple - Fairfield Hall 1970 [no label 2CD] live at Fairfield Hall, England, Nov 22 1970. Gd AUD mono. A slightly muffled show and distant recording with hiss.

66] Deep Purple - Birmingham 1971 [no label 1CD] live in Birmingham, Feb 12 1971. Gd+ AUD mono. This has some echo and is slightly muddy.

67] Deep Purple - Danish Yodel Beware [P-Duck 2CD] live at Vejlby-Risskovhallen, Aarhus, Denmark, Apr 24 1971. "Absolutely great sounding audience recording." Tour in support of Fireball. Ex- AUD stereo

68] Deep Purple - Live in Italy [Gypsy Eye 2CD] live at Palazzo Pal Sport, Rome, Italy, May 28 1971. Gd+ AUD stereo. Echo and boomy.

69] Deep Purple - Toronto ’71 [P-Duck 2CD] live in Toronto, July 2 1971. Gd+ AUD mono. Muddy with the vocals buried sometimes.

70] Deep Purple - Turn Around 1971 [Gypsy Eye 1CD] live at Civic Arena, Long Beach, California, Aug 30 1971. Gd+ to VG+ AUD mono? Clear vocals, sound gets better as the show continues.

71] Led Zeppelin - The Lost Sessions Vol.4 [Empress Valley 2CD] Sessions and outtakes from 1978 for In Through The Out Door recorded mostly at Clearwell Castle, Wales in May and Polar Studios, Stockholm Sweden in Nov/December. Ex SBD stereo.

72] Don McLean - Hard Rock Club 1975 [no label 1CD Torrent: 60238] live in Manchester, England 1975 on Homeless Brother Tour. Ex SBD stereo.

73] Procol Harum - Warsaw 2001 [no label 1CD Torrent: 60470] live at Congresova Hall, Poland, Dec 14, 2001. With original guitarist Robin Trower. Ex FM stereo. Incomplete show

74] Steely Dan - JJ's Bar & Grill 1974 *Pitch Corrected* [no label 1CD Torrent: 60268] live in San Diego, Mar 23, 1974. "This is an awesome performance. The recording captures the raw energy and emotion when Steely Dan played this small club. I got this tape directly from my friend Rob Bertrando who recorded this show with his set-up at JJ's." Recorded on reel to reel tape deck. VG+ AUD stereo.


75] Rod Stewart - Ibrox Night [no label 1CD Torrent: 57353] live at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland, June 18, 1983 on Body Wishes Tour. Ex FM stereo. There are a few fades and edits (probably where commercials were edited out).

76] Thin White Rope - Last Time Around: European Tour 1992 [no label 1CD Torrent: 60624] live in Europe, June 1992 on their final tour. Guy Kyser - Vocals, Guitar; Roger Kunkel - Guitar, Vocals; Matthew Abourezk — Drums; Stooert Odom - Bass, Vocals. Ex SBD stereo.

77] Traffic - Westwood One in Concert: 1970 London [no label 1CD bootcity 3620] This was first broadcast by BBC In Concert series, Paris Theatre on Apr 30, 1970. This was taken from a Westwood One rebroadcast on July 6, 1992. Sourced from Westwood One’s reference CD. Ex pre-FM stereo.

78] Lou Reed - Chicago 1978 [Toadstool 1CD Torrent: 60630] live at Park West, Chicago IL. Apr 14, 1978. Broadcast on WXRT-FM. Ex FM stereo.

79] Laura Veirs - Winchester 2004 [no label 1CD Torrent: 59978] live at Railway Inn, Winchester, UK Sept 21, 2004 on Carbon Glaciers Tour. Ex- AUD stereo,

80] Wilco - Live in Koln 2005 [no label 2CD Torrent: 59660] live in Germany, Sept 8, 2005, A Ghost Is Born Tour. The two songs listed as "Bonus Tracks" are from soundcheck earlier that day. VG+ AUD stereo.

81] Neil Young - KQED Studios 1970 [no label 1CD Torrent: 59919] live at KQED Studios SF, CA, Feb 19, 1970. Back in the day, KQED was responsible for spotting the best new music via their live sessions. This is from the Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere era. Ex SBD stereo.

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