NOVEMBER 2005 [281 ALBUMS = 381CDs]

November 3 2005 [59CDs]

1] Crosby & Nash with Neil Young - Berkeley 1971 [no label 1CD Torrent: 64913] live at Berkeley Community Theater - Berkeley, CA, Oct 14, 1971. VG AUD mono? remastered by neuthorduo applying speed correction and noise reduction. Clear and close, no echo.


2] The Beatles U.K. Millennium Remasters 16CD set

'Millennium Remasters' is an ongoing project dedicated to transferring rare, audiophile, mono and stereo, LPs to the CD format. Most sources are audiophile quality, un-played LPs to ensure the cleanest possible end result.

Each recording is hand de-clicked (if and when necessary) as opposed to any overall sound reprocessing which generally leaves tell tale signs in the recording. The turntable used was a LINN SONDEK LP 12 with a MICRO BENZ cartridge and a LINN LK phono preamp.

The UK Millennium Remasters is both the mono and stereo versions on one CD of all the Beatles official albums. The mono source is the early ‘80s UK MONO BOX SET, and the stereo source is the MOBILE FIDELITY BOX SET, except for the one UHQR disc as noted. All LPs were sealed.

Beatles - Please Please Me [Millennium Remaster 1CD]
Beatles - With The Beatles [Millennium Remaster 1CD]
Beatles - A Hard Day’s Night [Millennium Remaster 1CD]
Beatles - Beatles For Sale [Millennium Remaster 1CD]
Beatles - Help! [Millennium Remaster 1CD]
Beatles - Rubber Soul [Millennium Remaster 1CD]
Beatles - Revolver [Millennium Remaster 1CD]
Beatles - Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [Millennium Remaster 1CD] The stereo source for this is a Mobile Fidelity Ultra High Quality Record UHQR.
Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour [Millennium Remaster 1CD]
Beatles - White Album [Millennium Remaster 4CD]
Beatles - Yellow Submarine [Millennium Remaster 1CD]
Beatles - Abbey Road [Millennium Remaster 1CD]
Beatles - Let It Be [Millennium Remaster 1CD]

3] Black Sabbath - Iommi’s Dehumanizer Demos [no label 1CD Torrent: 64256] Studio demos from 1992, Cozy Powell’s collection. Ex SBD stereo.

4] Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer Rehearsals '92 [no label 1CD Torrent: 64258] Studio rehearsals from 1992. Ex- SBD stereo.


5] James Brown - The Godfather and the Dreamer [Big Fro’ Discs 2CD Torrent: 65131] CD1 live in Boston Gardens, April 5, 1968. CD2 Tks 1-10 April 5, 1968, Boston Gardens. Tks 11-17 European TV 1966/67. VG+ SBD? stereo.

6] Elvis Costello & Emmylou Harris - Meadowbrook 2005 [no label 3CD] live in Aubrun Hills, MI, July 26, 2005. VG+ to Ex- AUD stereo.

7] Leonard Cohen - Sings Leonard Cohen [no label 1CD Torrent: 65700] live in London in 1968 as broadcast on BBC. Two different shows. Ex FM stereo.

8] Sheryl Crow - Hollywood Bowl, 2005 [no label 2CD Torrent 65764] live at Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, October 23, 2005. Ex- AUD stereo.

9] Bob Dylan - Pavillon de Paris July 3, 1978 [no label 3CD Torrent: 56645] live in France on the 1978 World Tour. Taken from reel to reel master. Ex- AUD stereo. Concert # 12 of the 1978 European Tour.

10] Bob Dylan - Pavillon de Paris July 4, 1978 [no label 3CD Torrent: 56799] live in France on the 1978 World Tour. Taken from reel to reel master. Ex- AUD stereo. Concert # 13 of the 1978 European Tour.

11] Bob Dylan - Pavillon de Paris July 5, 1978 [no label 3CD Torrent: 56954] live in France on the 1978 World Tour. Taken from reel to reel master. Ex- AUD stereo. Concert # 14 of the 1978 European Tour.

12] Bob Dylan - Pavillon de Paris July 6, 1978 [no label 3CD Torrent: 57259] live in France on the 1978 World Tour. Taken from reel to reel master. Ex- AUD stereo. Concert # 15 of the 1978 European Tour.

13] Bob Dylan - Pavillon de Paris July 8, 1978 [no label 3CD Torrent: 57458] live in France on the 1978 World Tour. Taken from reel to reel master. Ex- AUD stereo. Concert # 16 of the 1978 European Tour.

14] Miles Davis - In France Vol 21: Nice [no label 2CD Torrent: 64803] live at Festival de Jazz Nice, France, July 17, 1990. With Kenny Garrett: Sax/Flute; Kei Akagi: Keyb.; Joseph "Foley" McCreary: Guitar; Richard Patterson: Bass; Ricky Wellman: Drums & Erin Davis: Perc. Ex- FM stereo some hiss. 94 m

15] Jimi Hendrix - Acoustic Demos & Poetry Recital: Home Recordings [no label 1CD Torrent: 65466] incomplete demos all previously unreleased. From 1968 to 1970 includes Drake Hotel April 1968; Jimi’s apartment, NY, 1968 and Jimi’s London flat in 1969 and Faye’s Tape 1970. VG to Ex- home recordings.

16] Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys Rehearsals [no labels 2CD Torrent: 64192] live in New York, December 18-19, 1969. "This is a collection of the remaining Baggy Sessions not commercially released. The sound quality is good, although the vocals are low in the mix." Ex SBD stereo with vocals from left speaker.

17] Elton John - Live at the San Bernardino Swing Auditorium [no label 1CD Torrent: 65206] live in Texas, November 1970. "This is from another uncirculated audience reel master tape, featuring an entire night at the Swing. The opening act was Sweathog (or Frosty??), then Elton John. The main headliner was Leon Russell." VG AUD stereo. Vocals are distant.

18] The Killers - T in the Park 2005 [no label 1CD] live in Scotland, July 9 2005. Broadcast on Lamacq Live BBC Radio 1 FM on July 25 2005. Ex FM stereo.

19] The Long Ryders with Chris Hillman - Outtakes and Rarities [no label 1CD] Tks 1-4 live at the Roxy in Los Angeles with Chris Hillman, Nov 3 1986. Tk 5 Native Sons outtake. Tks 7-9 Two-Fisted Tales outtakes. VG - Ex SBD stereo.

20] Shakti - Philadelphia 1977 [no label 1CD Torrent: 63940] live at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, Nov 7, 1977. A great show just prior to the release of Natural Elements. Shakti are John McLaughlin - acoustic guitar; L. Shankar — violin; Zakir Hussain on tabla, "but I do not believe the other percussionist is T.H. Vinayakram". Ex SBD stereo.

21] Pink Floyd - KQED 1970 [no label 1CD] live at Fillmore West, San Francisco as recorded for KQED, Apr 29 1970. This was a live performance recorded before Pink Floyd’s evening show without an audience. It was filmed for a broadcast on the US PBS network. Taken from a VHS 1st generation tape. Ex- SBD mono. Some hiss. Torrented by fatoldpig Aug 2005.


22] Prefab Sprout - BBC Radio 1 In Concert 1986 [no label 1CD Torrent: 65283] live at Reading University, UK, Jan 11, 1986. Ex FM stereo, 63 mins.

23] Prefab Sprout - BBC Radio 1 In Concert 2000 [no label 1CD Torrent: 65325] live at Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England, Apr 5, 2000 for Paddy The Comeback. Ex FM stereo, 59 mins.

24] R.E.M. - Nottingham 1984 [no label 2CD Torrent: 64943] live at Rock City, Nottingham, UK Nov 21, 1984. This show was partially broadcast by the BBC. This is not taken from the BBC tapes, this is most likely taken off the soundboard used for the venue’s PA system. Complete show. The part broadcast by the BBC can be found on many bootlegs, including "In The Wood", "Nottingham" and "Old Man Kensey". Ex SBD stereo sourced from the PA’s board. Voice is a bit low in the mix.

25] Leon Russell - Flood Vol1: The Legendary NET Special (PBS) [no label 1CD Torrent: 65522] live in Los Angeles, 1971. "This superb show has unfortunately never been released. The source is supposedly an FM simoulcast, but I don't believe it as the sound quality is a bit better than FM. This is from one of the many early bootleg vinyl pressings that were put out at the time, but is not from the Zerocks Records release that is the most common. The sound quality on that release was not as good as the Bush Records vinyl, so the Bush Records vinyl was used instead. A lot of restoration work went into this project." VG+ pre-FM stereo. No bottom.

26] Bruce Springsteen - War And Roses: Remastered and Speed Corrected [no label 1CD] Fan remaster of the 1997 E St Records bootleg but with the removal of 4 tracks. Ex- SBD stereo.

27] Lou Reed - Alice Tully Hall 1973: Remastered [no label 1CD Torrent: 65030] live in New York, Jan 27, 1973. Ex SBD stereo, now very clean sound.

November 7 2005 [32CDs]

28] The Bangles - How Is The Air Up There? Demos [no label 1CD Trader’s Den 10223] Demos from1983. Copied from boot CD. Ex SBD stereo.


29] Jeff Beck - Guitar Samurai 2005 [T&J 2CD Torrent: 53357] Live at Osaka Kousei Nenkin Kaikan Hall, Japan, July 9, 2005, second night in Osaka. With Jeff Beck- Guitar; Vinnie Colaiuta- drums; Pino Palladino - bass; Jason Rebello - keyboards; Jimmy Hall - vocal; Jennifer Batten- guest guitarist for the encore. Ex AUD stereo. DAT taper was Tom & Jerry. No EQ nor sound altering software used.

30] Bob Dylan - Stockholm 1966: Upgrade [no label 1CD Torrent: 53500] live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, Apr 29 1966. This is a cleaner copy than the version on the 26-CD set Jewels & Binoculars. VG AUD mono.

31] Taste - Doc´s Vinyl Box Vol. 1 [Doc’s 1CD Torrent: 53734] live at Eisstadion in Düsseldorf, May 15, 1970. Sourced from "Violet Systems" bootleg. Taste is the power trio fronted by Rory Gallagher. VG AUD mono? Some mic distortion, vocals are a bit distant.

32] Grand Funk Railroad - Agora Ballroom 1982 [no label 1CD Torrent: 53799] live in Cleveland, Ohio, Nov 1,1982. Ex SBD stereo. "This is a great sounding show and the band is in fine form. Original bass player Mel Schacher is replaced by Dennis Bellinger. Mark Farner on guitar and Don Brewer on drums."

33] Herbie Hancock - Massey Hall 50th Anniversary Concert 2003 [no label 1CD Torrent: 51692] live at Massey Hall, Toronto, May 15, 2003 to commemorate the Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell and Max Roach performance 50 years ago at Massey Hall. On this anniversary concert, the band are Herbie Hancock, Roy Hargrove, Kenny Garrett, Dave Holland and Roy Haynes. Broadcast on Jazz Beat CBC Radio 1 and 2. Ex FM stereo.

34] Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett / Peter Brötzmann Trio - NDR Jazzworkshop 1974 [no label 1CD Torrent: 53575] live in Hannover, NDR-Funkhaus, Feb 4 1974. Tks 1-3 Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett: Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Heinz Sauer (ts) Gerd Dudek (ts, ss, fl) Buschi Niebergall (b) Peter Giger (dr) Tks 5-6 Peter Brötzmann Trio: Peter Brötzmann (reeds) Fred van Hove (p) Han Bennink (perc). Ex FM stereo.

35] Sun Ra Arkestra - Cleveland 1975 [no label 1CD Torrent 53326] live at Smiling Dog Saloon in Cleveland, Ohio Jan 30, 1975. VG+ to Ex- FM stereo. Boomy sound.

36] Rickie Lee Jones - Downtown Farmingdale 2004 [no label 2CD Torrent: 53565] live in Farmingdale, New York, June 16, 2004 to promote The Evening of My Best Day album. Ex- AUD stereo.

37] Led Zeppelin - Chicago Soundcheck [no label 1CD Torrent: 53478] live in Chicago, Illinois, July 6 1973. One generation lower than the Antrabata release. Ex- SBD stereo. A loose rehearsal playing songs they never recorded including Night Flight, School Days, Nadine and Round And Round. Tk 12 has some digital noise.

38] Led Zeppelin - Bertha Remaster: The Trouser Snake [Bertha 3CD Torrent: 53548] Live at the Summit in Houston, Texas, May 21, 1977. Recently released in 2005 by Empress Valley as The Dragon Snake. Bass was probably boosted. Ex SBD stereo.


39] Led Zeppelin - The Drum and Bass Show [Beelzebub 3CD Torrent: 57847] live at The Summit, Houston, Texas, May 21, 1977. Already released as The Dragon Snake by Empress Valley. This is supposed to be best version of The Dragon Snake show. Digitally Remastered soundboard recording [plus bonus track]. Ex SBD stereo.

40] The Rolling Stones - 1966: Sydney, Australia [no label 1CD Torrent: 53545] live at Commemorative Auditorium Showgrounds, Sydney, Australia, Feb 18, 1966. This is the first show broadcast by Australian 2UW FM radio. Gd FM mono. White noise, sound wavers in and out. For collectors only. More info at

41] The Rolling Stones - Happy Birthday Nicky [Dog N Cat 2CD Torrent: 53589] CD1 live at Western Australia Cricket Ground, Perth Australia Feb 24 1973. CD2 live at Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, Australia Feb 26 1973. VG+ to Ex- SBD stereo. This is a fresh remaster of a very familiar show.

42] Patti Smith and Friends - Songs Of Experience VERSION 2: The Meltdown Festival 2005 [no label 3CD Torrent: 53330 + 53463] live at Royal Festival Hall, London, June 26, 2005. Everyone plays Jimi Hendrix covers. Includes Robert Wyatt, Jeff Beck, Flea, Fred Firth, Joanna Newsom, James Blood Ulmar and Johnny Marr with Robin Hitchcock. VG AUD stereo, low recording level, a bit distant. There is a very small glitch at the top of Third Stone From the Sun - this is on the master — sorry. This version removes some dead air between songs but NONE of the stage chatter or music has been cut.

43] Bruce Springsteen - The Powerful Thing Bologna [Godfatherecords 2CD Torrent: 53820] live at Palamalaguti Arena, Bologna, Italy June 4, 2005. Ex- AUD stereo.

44] Bruce Springsteen - Once Upon A Time In Rome [Godfatherecords 2CD Torrent: 53727] live in Palalottomatica, Roma, Italy, June 6, 2005. Ex- AUD stereo. Show opens with Morricone theme. Bruce is half Italian.

45] John McLaughlin & Santana - Saratoga 1973 [no label 1CD Torrent: 53267] live at Saratoga Performing Arts Center in New York, Aug 26,1973. VG+ to Ex- AUD stereo

46] Wilco - Liberty Lunch 1997 [no label 2CD Torrent: 53659] live at Liberty Lunch in Austin, Texas, Nov 7 1997. Ex SBD stereo. Nice sbd from late '97. Features a Tear Stained Eye teaser!! A great setlist full of rarities. Also includes filler from the 2/14/97 World Cafe broadcast.

47] Neil Young - Live 8: Park Place, Canada [no label 1CD Rusties 59] live in Barrie, Ontario, July 2, 2005. With the Fisk University Jubilee Choir and Pegi Young. Debuts a new songWhen God Made Me. Ex FM stereo. Broadcast on XM radio.

November 10 2005 [30CDs]

48] Beach Boys - Video Party [Scorpio Archive 1DVD NTSC] Collection of TV appearances and promo films from ‘60s to ‘70s — Ed Sullivan, TAMI show, Shindig, Girls On The Beach movie, Beat Club appearances etc. Includes menu. The sound levels vary wildly from soft to loud. The picture quality is from poor to good. B&W and color,120 mins. Video poor to good, Audio good to very good. For the collector.


49] The Beatles - Shea! [Seltaeb Fan Club 1DVD] The complete ABC-TV broadcast taken from 35 mm film print & excerpts from Anthology. Includes menu. The film quality is very good but shows its age. Video VG, Audio VG+ to Ex- SBD. Parts maybe in stereo.

50] The Beatles - Let It Be…Naked [Wow, 1DVD NTSC] Japanese promo for Let It Be Naked CD plus Let It Be Naked Plus which synchs the 2003 album release with footage from Let It Be movie. Includes menu, 50 mins. Video Ex-, Audio Ex SBD stereo.

51] Chuck Berry - BBC In Concert 1972 [FogOnTheTyne 1DVD] live on BBC Sounds For Saturday, March 29, 1972. This is the uncensored rebroadcast from May 7, 2005. Video Ex, Audio Ex SBD stereo.

52] David Bowie - MusicLaden 1978 [no label 1DVD] live in Germany on MusicLaden show May 30,1978 to promote Heroes album. There is a screen logo Beat Club. Video Ex, Audio Ex- TV broadcast mono. Thin sound. Menu, chapters included.

53] Petula Clark - Pet Sounds [Footstomp 1DVD NTSC] Chapters 1-12 are taken from the TV special "Petula" telecast on ITV, December 1970. Chapters 13-26 are from a live concert at the Royal Albert Hall, Feb 14, 1974. The Petula show is taken from a multi-generation tape and is soft with bland colors but excellent mono sound. Same with 1974 show. 97 mins with menu.

54] Bob Dylan - Japanese "Hard Rain" [no label 1DVD] live at Hughes Stadium, Colorado, May 23, 1976 as telecast on Japanese TV. No menu, 45 mins with Japanese subtitles for the lyrics. Video Ex-, Audio Ex SBD stereo.

55] Bob Dylan - No Direction Home [BBC version 1DVD PAL] This is the Martin Scorsese documentary from 2005 as shown on BBC4 in October 2005. Video Ex; Audio Ex SBD stereo.

56] Deep Purple - Live in Beijing 2004 [no label 1DVD] live in China Mar 31, 2004. Taken from a China TV Broadcast. Video Ex, Audio VG TV broadcast mono. Thin sound, no depth.

57] José Feliciano - Baden-Baden 1988 [no label 1DVD PAL Torrent: 62093] live at Studio 5 Suedwestfunk, Baden-Baden, Germany 1988. Taken from DVB-C Broadcast. With José Feliciano - voc, gtr, Miacheal Thomas - bass, voc, Ken Stange - keyb, voc, Greg Smith - keyb, voc, Bob Conti - perc, voc, Russell Bizzet - drums, voc. Ex Video, Ex Audio SBD stereo.


58] The Flaming Lips - Zaireeka 5.1 Ultimate DVD Experience [no label 1DVD NTSC Purelivegigs 1806] Zaireeka was the Flaming Lips 4CD experimental 1997 album to be played simultaneously on 4 CD players. This DVD mixes all 4CDs into 5.1 Surround sound and using pictures from various movies. Also offered on the Audio track are the music from each of the 4 individual CDs, the perfect mix [the 4CDs in synch], CDs 1&3, CDs 2&4 and the Human Error Mix, all 4CDs out of synch. Video Ex; Audio Ex SBD stereo and surround. A fan compilation by Joe Morales.

59] Billy Joel - Old Grey Whistle Test 1978 [no label 1DVD NTSC Torrent: 61081] live at BBC Theater, Mar 13, 1978. Date could also be Mar 14. No menus; no chapter points unknown digital source — from Japanese satellite TV broadcast. Video Ex, Audio Ex SBD stereo.

60] Elton John - BBC In Concert 1970 w/outtakes [MasterPort 1DVD NTSC Torrent #60383] live in BBC studios, May 22, 1970. Complete show with outtakes, 53 mins. "The BBC In Concert that was posted before, was from the Trio rebroadcast. This is from the BBC original tape. The sound is great, very little hiss, and the video looks as if it came from the original master. If the Trio version video is a 10, this version is a 9.5. In other words, there is very little quality drop off. Also, the Trio version cut out a bit of the crowd shots as they went to commercial. The original BBC broadcast had no such breaks. From what I can figure it’s about 30 seconds longer. The best aspect is the additional footage. Cuts 8-14 are different versions of the In Concert songs. You can hear the Director after Burn Down The Mission, #8, say, "We’re gonna do that one again." Five songs total are presented in alternative versions. The Greatest Discovery, #11 on the box is really just an alternate intro of Bernie. Every other song is a complete different take. For instance, the performance of, Sixty Years On sounds a bit out of sync and needed a re-take. The quality of the outtakes are the same as the original show." Video & Audio Ex stereo.

61] Elton John - Christmas In London 1974 [MasterPort 1DVD NTSC Torrent: 55517] live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, Dec 24,1974. Part of this show was broadcast by The Old Grey Whistle on the BBC in 1974. This is the 82 min version, longer than the 55 min version in circulation. Guests include Rod Stewart and Gary Glitter on final song. Video Ex-, Audio Ex- SBD mono?

62] Elton John - At Radio City 2004 [no label 1DVD NTSC Torrent: 61868] live at Radio City Music Hall, July 2004. This is the Bravo Special compiled from his shows on July 13 to 18. PC authored w/menus and chapters. "Elton's first North American concert with full orchestra, as well as first performance at Radio City. The orchestra is comprised of students from Juliard as well as London's Royal Academy of Music. Also performing is the Brooklyn Augmented Youth Choir." Aired on Bravo Nov 27, 2004. 89 mins. Video Ex, Audio Ex SBD stereo. Better than the broadcast sound.

63] Janis Joplin - Come Up The Years 1967 [no label 1DVD] live at KQED-TV, San Francisco, Apr 25, 1967. No menu, 36 mins in B&W. This show predates their first album and their historic set at the Monterey Pop Festival in June 1967. Video Ex, Audio Ex SBD stereo.

64] The Kinks - BBC: The Rainbow 1977 [no label 1DVD] This is taken from Rock Masters series and there is an onscreen logo Music Max throughout. Video: Ex-. Audio: Ex SBD stereo. Approx 50 mins.

65] Mahavishnu Orchestra - Sounds For Saturday 1972 [no label 1DVD PAL Torrent: 60437] From 1972, the original line-up of the jazz rock fusion band, Mahavishnu Orchestra plays music from their first LP, The Inner Mounting Flame. Tracks include Lotus on Irish Streams and The Noonward Race. This is taken from a rebroadcast on Sept 19, 2005. Includes a clip of The Dance of Maya from Munich Aug 17, 1972. Video Ex, Audio Ex SBD stereo.

66] Don McLean - Bad Homburg 1982 [no label 1DVD PAL Torrent: 64332] live on German TV4 in 1982. Solo performance. Video Ex; Audio Ex SBD stereo.

67] M.I.A. - At Glastonbury 2005 [no label 1DVD Torrent: 54644] live from the John Peel Tent. PAL DVD, 24 mins, 750 MB approx. Video Ex, Audio Ex.


68] Olivia Newton John - Tokyo 2003 [Silver Stallion 1DVD NTSCTorrent: 63822] live at Tokyo Kokusai Forum, Japan, April 4, 2003. Sourced from Japanese satellite (BS2) > S VHS > DVD. 82 mins. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow is a duet that Olivia sings with her daughter Chloe Lattanzi. I translated the questions posed during the interview segments (shown on the screen as Japanese text) into English and included them as subtitles." Ex Audio and Video.

69] Nirvana - Smells Like Reading [no label 1DVD NTSC] live at Reading Festival, England, Aug 30, 1992. Pro-Shot video. Taken from BBC master tapes? The time code is covered with another black bar that carries the song title. Ex Audio and Video. 98 mins with menu.

70] Nirvana - Unplugged 1993 [no label 1DVD] live at Sony Studios in New York, Nov 18 1993 + 5 rare video. Video Ex, Audio Ex SBD stereo.

71] Pink Floyd - KQED 1970 [Harvested 1DVD] live at Fillmore West, San Francisco, Apr 29 1970. Filmed and telecast on KQED. Taken from VHS tape but synch with VG+ to Ex SBD source. Video VG+, Audio Ex- SBD stereo.

72] Elvis Presley - Elvis On Tour: The Outtakes [no label 1DVD NTSC Torrent: 63262] This is the outtakes from the 1972 film. With menus and chapters. The 2DVD version includes the official film, still unreleased on DVD, as the first disc. "It was rumored for years that MGM filmed over 40 hours of rehersals and live performances for the 1972 film "Elvis On Tour", and now 33 years later, FINALLY some of this footage has made it's way into the hands of collectors. You can pretty much say this DVD is straight raw footage. The Burning Love Outtakes are something to be seen." Video VG Audio VG to Ex SBD stereo with simple menu. The video quality is soft and too bright due to the poor camerawork and the multiple generations[?]. Sometimes Elvis is off-mike and difficult to hear. Well these are the REJECTED outtakes.

73] Rolling Stones - Cocksucker Blues [Portuguese-made 1DVD] Robert Frank’s legendary film of the 1972 tour. Shown only once, this film remains unreleased. Full color, 85 min. Video VG+ with some blurring of outlines and slightly runny colors. Audio Ex- SBD stereo.

74] VARIOUS - Talking Bob Dylan Blues: BBC Special [no label 1DVD PAL Torrent: 63958] live at Barbican Theater, London, UK, September 26, 2005 with Billy Bragg, Roy Harper, Robyn Hitchcock, KT Tunstall + more. Two tracks removed and intro with official songs also removed. Video and Audio Ex stereo.

75] VARIOUS - BBC Rock Hour: "Rock Family Trees: the Prog Rock Years" [no label 1DVD] John Peel narrates this 50 mins documentary. Video Ex-. Audio Ex SBD stereo. The soft picture is due to the age of the source. This is as best as it can be.

76] Loudon Wainwright III - One Man Guy BBC 4 Sessions [no label 1DVD PAL] Part 1 is a one hour BBC session from 2005. Part 2 is one hour of vintage BBC material from Old Grey Whistle Test and In Concert. Video Ex; Audio Ex SBD stereo. 120 mins

77] Robbie Williams - Intensive Care 2005 [BlueVision 1DVD PAL Torrent: 65085] world premiere of Intensive Care album in Berlin, Velodrom, Germany, October 9, 2005. Picture taken from a S-VHS tape recorded on Oct 20, 2005 from German 'PRO7'-TV-station. Audio is in stereo. Complete broadcast of the concert. Video Ex; Audio Ex SBD stereo. 76 mins NOTE: THE VIDEO IS NOT IN SYNC WITH THE AUDIO. NOT FOR TRADE.

November 14 2005 [40CDs]

78] Paul McCartney - Backyard [Yellow Cat 1CD Torrent: 53872] "This disk features James Paul McCartney out-takes, 1975. These selections are of superb quality. This disk also features the Everly Bros demo's. All of which are excellent sounding. This disk also has numerous versions of Blackbird, the origin of which I don't know, but they must have been recorded sometime in the late 80's. Even the 'Home Demo's’ on this disk are clear and quite enjoyable. All together this disk was money well spent." Mostly Ex SBD stereo.

79] Bob Dylan & Etta James - Jamming at the Marriott 1986 [no label 1CD Torrent: 53918] live at Marriott Hotel, Providence RI, July 10 1986 (early morning hours). An amazing soundboard of an after-hours jam session with Bob Dylan and Etta James and her band. The crew: Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar) with Etta James (shared vocal), Jack McDuff (organ), Shuggie Otis (guitar), Richard Reid (bass), Paul Humphrey (drums). Ex SBD stereo.


80] Bobby Darin - Rare, Rockin' & Unreleased [Ring of Stars? 1CD Torrent: 54114] unidentified studio outtakes, with setlist, includes Splish Splash, Queen of the Hop, Mack The Knife and more. Ex SBD stereo.

81] Ibrahim Ferrer & Ruben Gonzales - Hamburg 1998 [no label 1CD Torrent: 54088] live in Muffathalle, Hamburg, Germany, April 05,1998. With Ibrahim Ferrer: vocals, Ruben Gonzalez: piano, Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez: bass, Valdes: timbales, Octavio Calderon: trumpet, Roberto Garcia: bongos and Angel Terry: congas. Ex FM stereo,

82] Fleetwood Mac - A Votre Sante 1977 [Yellow Cat 1CD Torrent: 54142] live at Le Zenith, Paris, France, April 14, 1977. Ex SBD stereo.

83] Louis Armstrong - Chapel Hill 1954 [no label 2CD Torrent: 54067] live at University of North Carolina, Memorial Hall, NC, May 8 1954. Ex pre-FM? stereo.

84] Tony Bennett - Monterey Jazz Festival 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 60601] live in Switzerland, Sept 17, 2005. Broadcast on KUSP FM. Complete set, 21 tracks. Tony is introduced by Clint Eastwood on track #1. Last track is the dj's talking. Ex FM stereo.

85] Anthony Braxton Trio - Whitney Museum 1985 [no label 1CD Torrent: 59936] live at Whitney Museum NY, NY Mar 26, 1985. Anthony Braxton, Marilyn Crispell, piano and John Lindberg, drums. Ex FM stereo.

86] Wolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton - Victoriaville 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 65424] live in Quebec, Canada, May 21, 2005. VG+ AUD stereo.

87] Wynton Marsalis - Taipei, Taiwan 2000 [no label 2CD Torrent: 60473] live at Taipei International Convention Center, Taiwan, Mar 7, 2000. With Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra Marcus Printup, Ryan Kisor - trumpet; Victor Goines, Wessell "Warmdaddy" Anderson - saxophones, flutes; Joe Temperly - baritone saxophone; Walter Blanding Jr. - tenor saxophone; Vincent Chandler - trombone; Rodney Whittaker - bass; Fareed Barron - piano; Herlin Riley - drums. Ex AUD stereo. Recorded on DAT deck.


88] Charles Mingus Orchestra - Bremen 1964 [Ingo, 2CD Torrent: 59827] live in Germany, Apr 16, 1964. With Johnny Coles tpt; Eric Dolphy altosax, flute, clarinet; Clifford Jordan ts; Jaki Byard p; Dannie Richmond d and Charles Mingus b. "I spent many hours going through this amazing show to repair literally hundreds of clicks and pops present on the original LP. I also removed the fade out/in between tracks 1 and 2 so they flow together seamlessly." Ex FM stereo. Sourced from vinyl.

89] Charles Mingus Quintet - Kamen 1976 [no label 1CD Torrent: 60546] live at Konzertaula, Kamen, Germany, Sept 21, 1976. Jack Walrath (tp); Ricky Ford (ts); Danny Mixon (p); Charles Mingus (b); Dannie Richmond (d). Ex pre-FM stereo.

90] Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble - 12th Guelph Jazz Festival 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 59808] live at St. George's Anglican Church, Mitchell Hall, Guelph, ON, Canada Sept 9, 2005. Nicole Mitchell - flutes; David Boykin - reeds; Jeff Parker - guitar; Josh Abrams - bass and Chad Taylor - drums. Ex- AUD stereo. Close and clear stereo. Source: DPA 4060's > DPA MPS6030 > Sony PCM-M1

91] Thelonious Monk Quartet - Zurich 1964 [no label 2CD Torrent: 60576] live at Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland, February 26, 1964. Charlie Rouse (ts); Thelonious Monk (p); Butch Warren (b); Ben Riley (d). "There is a very slight radio hiss and the sound on one track is somewhat muffled compared to the other tracks." Ex- FM stereo.

92] Cecil Taylor Quartet - Europe, November 2 and 5 1969 [no label 1CD Torrent: 65898 & 65903] Tk 1 is live at Ronnie Scott's, London, England, Nov 2, 1969. Ex TV BBC broadcast. Tk 2 is live at Folkets Hus, Stockholm, Sweden, Nov 5, 1969. Ex FM stereo. The band are Cecil Taylor p; Jimmy Lyons as; Sam Rivers ts,ss,fl & Andrew Cyrille d.

93] Cecil Taylor Quartet - Rotterdam 1969 [no label 1CD Torrent: 66070] live at De Doelen Concert Hall, Rotterdam, Netherlands, November 9, 1969. The band are Cecil Taylor p; Jimmy Lyons as; Sam Rivers ts,ss,fl & Andrew Cyrille d. VG+ FM stereo.

94] Cecil Taylor Unit - Nicaragua: No Pasaran, Live in Willisau 1983 [no label 1CD Torrent: 60163] live at Willisau, Aug 27, 1983. Date is unconfirmed. A few years ago a copy of this bootleg LP went on eBay for something like US$1,200, none of which went to the artists. Personnel: Jimmy Lyons-as; Cecil Taylor-p, voc; William Parker-b; Rashid Bakr, Andre Martinez-d, perc; Brenda Bakr-voc. More info at
Ex SBD? stereo. No track marks.

95] Tony Williams Quintet - Bremen 1990 [no label 1CD Torrent: 60442] live at Schauburg, Germany, July 19, 1990. Ex FM stereo.

96] Van Morrison - Neuhardenberg 2005 [no label 2CD Torrent: 53810] live at Parkbuhne, Schloss Neuhardenberg, Germany, Aug 5, 2005. Ex FM stereo.

97] Mahavishnu Orchestra - Unknown 1973 [no label 2CD Torrent: 54242] misidentified as Montreux Jazz Festival on Aug 20, 1972. Most fans think this show is from 1973 but no guesses on date or venue. With John McLaughlin (guitar), Jerry Goddman (violin), Jan Hammer (piano, moog), Rick Laird (bass) and Billy Cobham (drums). Ex- SBD stereo

98] Elvis Presley - Still Rocking The Nation [no label 1CD Torrent: 53957] live at Von Braun Civic Centre, Huntsville, Ala, June 9, 1976. Ex SBD stereo.

99] Elvis Presley - Double Dynamite [Rock Legends 2CD Torrent: 54195] live at International Hotel, Las Vegas, dinner and midnight show, Aug 19 1970. VG AUD mono.

100] The Sundance Blues Band (with Bruce Springsteen) - The Captain Carter's [no label 1CD Torrent: 53859] live in Nepture, New Jersey, Jan 21, 1972. This must be the single most tallented group of musicians on the Jersey shore at that time. The band consisted of "Miami" Steve Van Zandt (guitar/vocals), Gary "Funky Chicken" Tallent (bass), Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez (drums/vocals), "Southside" Johnny Lyon(harmonica/vocals), Davy Sancious (organ) and as special guest just in from Florida (and thus without a band at the time) Bruce Springsteen. VG+ AUD stereo.


101] Bruce Springsteen - "A Hard Night to Play" aka "A Night for Lennon" [no label 3CD Torrent: 53984] live at The Spectrum, Philadelphi, PA, Dec 9, 1980. Bruce's show the night after John Lennon was murdered in NYC. After an emotional intro, Bruce and company rip through 34 songs including a very intense "Twist and Shout" finale. VG+ AUD stereo.

102] Bruce Springsteen - Toronto 1981 [no label 2CD Torrent: 54500] live at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Jan 20, 1981. "This tape is already circulating as "I'm A Rocker" by Ottawa Records (
however, this can be considered a new version. I'm A Rocker was sourced from a 5/6/7th generation tape, whereas this is directly from the original soundboard recording. It also contains the complete Detroit Medley, which fades out on I'm A Rocker at 5:25m. There were also several cuts to fit it on one CD - this is the full uncut recording. However, it is not without its flaws - there are several tape warps during the show, especially during Rosalita. I've tried to make the skips as natural as possible to preserve the flow. This show contains one of the best Point Blanks I've heard." Taken from original SBD tape. Ex SBD stereo.

103] Santana - Capitol Theatre 1970 [no label 1CD Torrent: 54129] live in Port Chester, NY, Oct 14 1970. Ex SBD stereo. A DavMarr77 torrent. Rare show.

104] Santana - Crickets & Angels 1974 [no label 1CD Torrent: 58835] live at Balboa Stadium, San Diego, CA, July 28, 1974. Tk 1 is taken from a vinyl boot, rest is CD bootleg of same title. Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo); Jose "Chepito" Areas (perc); Jules Broussard (fl/sax); David Brown (b); Tom Coster (kbd/vo); Leon Patillo (kbd/vo); Armando Peraza (perc/vo) & Michael Shrieve (ds). Ex FM stereo.

105] The Rolling Stones - Frankfurt 1976 [Vigotone 1CD Torrent: 53939] Live in Frankfurt , Germany 1976. No date or venue. "The Stones played Frankfurt on April 28th & 29th 1976. I'm not sure what date this show is from. The sound quality is a nice soundboard." Ex SBD stereo.

106] Neil Young - Prisoners of Rock 'n' Roll [The Swingin’ Pig 2CD Torrent: 53896] live at Cow Palace, San Francisco, Nov 21, 1986. Includes a number of songs from "Life," as well as a few "Trans" tunes (in full electronic garb) that haven't gotten much Neil-time since. Ex FM stereo.

November 16 2005 [32CDs]

107] Whiskeytown [with Ryan Adams] - Cat's Cradle ’95 [no label 1CD Torrent: 66981] live in Carborro, NC, May 25, 1995. Ex SBD stereo. With Ryan Adams on vocals.

108] Alice Cooper Group - Pretties for You Demos [no label 1CD Torrent: 66937] Studio Outtakes (unknown for extra tracks). VG+ SBD stereo.

109] Jeff Beck w/Jan Hammer Band - Broken Wired '76 -Remastered & Patched [Scarecrow 1CD Torrent: 67413] live at Orpheum Theater, Vancouver, Canada, June 19, 1976. "Using Peak 4, I did a straight Channel Swap for each dropout segment, there were 3 significant patches and a few that were almost unnoticeable. In remastering, I used TC Works Spark XL 2.82 in a 4 Band Mastering Mode, 4 Sets of cut/pass filters>individual CL Dynamics Processors, which are summed through a final Native CL Master. This adds a cleaner presence to the finished tracks without sounding FX'd, Squeezed, or EQ'd." Ex AUD mono.

110] Elvis Costello - Brookvale, New York 1978 [no label 1CD Torrent #67869] live at C.W. Post College, Brookville, NY Mar 3, 1978. Broadcast on WLIR-FM. "According to Peter Hedeman, the band arrived late due to snow, and ran into the building, following the microphone snake. They followed it the wrong way and busrt into the area where the WLIR truck was located. "It was pretty funny, the shocked look on their faces." At the end of track 4, EC apologizes for being late, and explains that the door fell off their bus, so they arrived by car and had no time to do a soundcheck. That's probably why the first track on the master cassette was slightly cut off. The encore is dedicated to their driver, the Miracle Man." Ex pre-FM SBD stereo.

111] Johnny Cash - Sun & Columbia Outtakes 1954 - 1969 [no label 1CD] studio outtakes. Ex SBD stereo

112] Bob Dylan - Pretty Good Stuff In November V1-2 The Love & Theft Tracks [no label 2CD] The Love & Theft Tour US-Canada November 2001. This is a multi-disc set but I only have these two. Ex- AUD stereo.


113] The Eagles - Wanted ’73 [Main Street 1CD Torrent: 67149] live at Berkeley Community Theater, June 16, 1973. VG SBD? stereo.

114] Focus - New York 1973 [no label 1CD Torrent: 67322] live at New York, Philharmonic Hall, March 23, 1973. Ex FM stereo.

115] Furniture - Live at the Fulham Greyhound [no label 1CD Torrent: 65451] "Furniture, a much misunderstood and unheard band that have obtained some kind of cult status in recent years. Most notable are the high prices that both their last album Food, Sex and Paranoia‚ and Survival Compilation She Get’s out the Scrapbook are getting on CD these days. Main reason being that it is taking an age to get them re-released and these are the only CD albums that were ever pressed." Ex SBD stereo.

116] PJ Harvey - WHFS Studios 1992 [no label 1CD Torrent: 67265] live in Washington, D C. December 2, 1992. Ex FM stereo. Very short 11 mins.

117] PJ Harvey - Jungle Queen [no label 1CD PureLiveGigs: 1631] Dry demos 1992 and Rid Of Me sessions 1993. Ex SBD stereo.

118] Elton John - Live at the Anaheim Convention Center 1970 [no label 1CD Torrent: 66957] Tks 1-5 Anaheim, Dec 11, 1970 from Rubber Dubber stereo LP bootleg. Tks 6-7 from Nov 17. 1970 taken from Very Alive bootleg LP. VG+ AUD/ SBD stereo.

119] Anthony Braxton Quartet - Austria 1976 [no label 1CD Torrent: 67449] live at Stefaniensaal, Graz, Austria October 28, 1976 with Anthony Braxton reeds, George Lewis tb, Dave Holland b & Barry Altschul d. Ex FM stereo.

120] Charlie Haden and the Liberation Music Orchestra - JazzFest Berlin 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 67178] live at Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Germany, Nov 3 2005, with Charlie Haden, Bass; Carla Bley, Conductor, Arrangements; Ahnee Sharon Freeman, französisches Horn; Joe Daley, Tuba; Michael Rodriguez, Seneca Black, Trompete; Miguel Zenon, Altsaxophon; Chris Cheek, Tony Malaby, Tenorsaxophon; Curtis Fowlkes, Trombone; Steve Cardenas, Gitarre & Matt Wilson, Schlagzeug. Broadcast on Astra Digital Radio at 192 KPBS. Ex Digital Radio stereo.

121] Cecil Taylor - Rotterdam 1967 [no label 1CD Torrent: 66976] live in the Netherlands, July 1, 1967. Solo piano show. Ex FM stereo.

122] The Kinks - Misfits Never Die [Junk Records 1CD] live in Germany, 1980. No other info. VG SBD stereo?

123] Ray Davis - 20th Century Storyteller 1996 [no label 1CD] Tks 1-23 recorded on 20th Century Man tour, 1996. Tk 24 is duet with Damon Albarn of Blur. VG+ AUD stereo.

124] Gordon Lightfoot - The Warner Brothers Demos 1964-1966 [no label 1CD Torrent: 67685] Recorded between Nov 1964 to April 1966. "Gordon Lightfoot recorded these unpublished demos for WB during his stay at United Artists and about the time he recorded his first album there." Ex SBD stereo.

125] Long Ryders - Stanford 1985 [no label 1CD Torrent: 67376] live at Stanford Campus, May 11, 1985 broadcast on KZSU radio. Ex FM stereo.

126] Curtis Mayfield - Two BBC broadcasts - 1983 and 1990 [no label 1CD Torrent: 67087] Tks 1-8 Marcus Garvey Centre - Nottingham,England 1983. Tks 9-14 Town And Country Club — London 1990. Tk 15 BBC interview on release of New World Order 1996. Ex FM stereo.

127] Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now Live 1968 [no label 1CD Torrent: 67682] live at The Troubadour, West Hollywood, California, June 1968. Los Angeles radio station 93 KHJ-FM recorded Joni's performance at the Troubadour for its 48-hour "History of Rock and Roll" series. The show was originally broadcast on KHJ over the Washington Day holiday week-end, February 21-23, 1969. Includes short interview excerpts. Total running time 7:22 m. Ex FM stereo. One song only.

128] Jim James [My Morning Jacket] - Seattle 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 67596] live at Easy Street Records, Seattle WA Nov 5, 2005. Broadcast on KEXP. Ex FM stereo.


129] Pink Floyd - Intersteller Overdrive: Alternate Masters 66-68 [ESRF 1CD] Released in 2002. Here are two reviews:

"As an exploration of Pink Floyd's early history, this 17-song bootleg CD has virtually no peer -- beginning with "Lucy Leave," a crunchy two-chord Syd Barrett-authored rocker dating from the group's first session in October 1966, it just grabs listeners and never lets them go. The group's version of "I'm a King Bee" shows more inventive guitar work than, say, the Rolling Stones' rendition of two and a half year earlier. And from those two jewels out of the group's pre-history, the disc roars into the alternate takes from their more familiar earlier psychedelic period -- the January 1967 long version of "Interstellar Overdrive," the A- and B-sides of the early singles (including a remastering of "Candy and a Currant Bun" that sounds like the guitars are in the room with you); alternate (and delightfully strange) mono mixes of "Flamingo" (with delightfully upfront phasing of the guitars, drums, and voices), "Scarecrow," and "Interstellar Overdrive"; plus stereo mixes of "Apples and Oranges" and "Paintbox"; and odd Syd Barrett outtakes from the period of his exit out of the band and his early solo work. The sound is mostly excellent and the art (derived in part from a legitimate 1960s French release) is superior to that of any current legitimate Pink Floyd CD." - Bruce Eder, Jun 18, 2004

"All studio tracks. Fantastic sound, though more than probably sourced from vinyl (d'oh). Nice LP-like cover (probably just a scan of the original LP), but some details are incomplete/untrue. Tracks 1&2 are in fact recorded in demo sessions 1965 and not 66 as mentioned. The name Pink Floyd was not yet being used and guitarist Bob Klose was part of the band at the time. Track 3 is simply the 16min 'Tonight Let's All Make Love In London' version. 'Flamingo', tk 7, is of course 'Flaming.' Track 11 a.k.a. Sunshine. Though some tracks are the same than on the Harvested ROIO "Dawn of the Piper", this one is a must-have for completist and early-years collectors, especially for the outtakes included and the rare high quality sound. Except the last track which sounds as it's been recorded through a tin can with a recorder having speed problems. (the only drawback though)" -- comments taken from OrangeMaze

130] Elvis Presley - Complete Spinout Sessions [Famous Groove 2CD] sessions from Elvis’ 22nd movie in 1966. Ex SBD stereo. The official bootleg label Follow That Dream released in 2004 a remastered version of Spinout with several outtakes as bonus tracks. But this bootleg is complete.

131] Elvis Presley - In A Blue Mood [no label 1CD] Studio outtakes with cursing. Material overlaps with Cut Me And I Bleed. No art. Ex SBD stereo

132] Elvis Presley - Leaving It Up To You [SEE 1CD] Miscellaneous outtakes, live 64-77. Surface noise indicates acetate source. Mostly Ex SBD stereo. Some tracks clearly have vinyl noise.

133] Elvis Presley - Only The Songs Survive [Double G 1CD] These are undubbed and "remixes" of masters from 1969-76. "This bootleg contains the undubbed Promised Land album. This material is well covered already, like for instance on From Louisiana To Tennessee., Stax Trax etc... Also said to contain Felton Jarvis' re-mixes of 'From Elvis In Memphis'. This is Double G's word for computer mixed songs (read equalizing)...several years after Felton Jarvis died..." As mentioned on Elvis In Norway. Ex SBD stereo.

134] Elvis Presley - Crazy: The funny side of Elvis [Rock Legend 1CD] The Funny Side Of Elvis Presley features 78 minutes of Elvis talking, mostly from the stage. This release adds to the already large bunch of such releases. No tracklist or date and venues on our CD-R copy. VG sound quality.

135] Sonic Youth - Paris, Cité de la Musique 2005 [no label 2CD Torrent: 66090] live at Cite de la Musique, Paris, Oct 26, 2005, first night. This was at dans le cadre de l'exposition "John Lennon - Unfinished Music". VG+ to Ex- AUD stereo. A mini-disc recording.

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