The Sheep-Sheep Song

Click here to download Five To One (12.2MB) by The Doors.
Note: This song contains some swearing. If that bothers you, please do not download.


It was 1969. The place Miami, Florida. The Doors were about to light a fire. War was raging in Vietnam. Young Americans were fodder for the war machine. Counter-culture had hit a wall after Chicago in '68. Who would have thought a pop singer would explode and throw away his career over an issue he could have ignored? But there was something about Morrison's Five To One that always ignited him. You all know the story. He was busted after the show on obscenity charges, found guilty and sentenced to six months in jail and a $500 fine for "indecent exposure and profanity". The judge told the singer his acts amounted to "utter contempt for our institutions and heritage." Morrison appealed against the sentence and was granted bail. While awaiting the appeal, he left for Paris, where he died in July, 1971.

The reason The Doors broke up was because they found it hard to continue after the court case. Promoters wouldn't book them, afraid of more trouble with Morrison's behavior. Incredible when you consider the number of US Roman Catholic priests who molested children and got away for decades. What were they protecting the public from?

This March 1, 1969 show was recorded from the audience. We offer you a riveting performance of Five To One. This is the same tape that was brought before a Miami court as evidence of Morrison's outrageous behaviour, vulgar language and indecency. The above pictures of Morrison with sheep were shot at the concert. It was the only time he ever performed with sheep.

If you want the guilty verdict against Jim Morrison overturned, go here and sign the petition: click here


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February 16, 2007