When a slasher/demonic Evil Dead haunts the woods... throw in copious sex and nudity (with genitalia fogged) and some nasty gore, that's Gaira's Entrails Of A Virgin, a Japanese cult movie that's waiting to be re-discovered. Stephen Tan reviews.


One of the biggest complaints about Gaira or Kazuo Komizu's Entrails Of A Virgin (1986) is the electronic fogging of genitalia that is common to Japanese movies though bare breast shots abound. Talk about Japanese decorum on the one hand and Japanese ingenuity and innovation on the other.

Before anyone can shout "Jason and the Evil Dead," Japanese pinku eiga (pink or soft-porn films) director Kazuo Komizu has concocted a movie involving a slasher/demon terrorising a group of people in the woods. While films such as Friday The 13th (1980) and The Evil Dead (1981) dabbled with the idea that if you have sex, you die; their Japanese counterpart is nothing as severe. After all, sex is a natural ingredient of the film and gore and death are natural outcomes. Put it another way - if you are not particular about film logic, you will be hugely entertained by the film's sex, nudity and gore.

Photographer Daiki Kato is doing a soft-porn shoot in the countryside with model Megumi Kawashima. Helping him are assistants Hideki Takahashi, Saeko Kizuki and former lover Naomi Hagio. Supervising the shoot and hoping to bed the model is the boss, Osamu Tsuruoka. Interspersed between the photo shoot is a sex scene between Kato and Kawashima, whom Kato promises to turn into a star.

Driving off after the shoot, the group finds itself stranded in the foggy countryside and decides to stay in a deserted building for the night. Early evening entertainment involves assistant Hideki Takahashi going through some pro-wrestling moves with Naomi Hagio, he in his shorts and she, topless. Some of the acrobatic pseudo-sex moves are so tough on Hagio that she pisses in her knickers before passing out. Feeling angry over the "exercise," Takahashi storms out of the room but is killed (with his eyes popping out!) by a killer/demon.

Tsuruoka then makes his moves on Kawashima. Slightly drunk, Kawashima gives in to Tsuruoka's S&M sex (which involves a standing 69) but even then finds him too brutal and goes off. She is then killed after being "raped" by the mud-caked slasher, who is shown to have a giant penis. Looking for Kawashima, Tsuruoka is impaled in the ground when the slasher hurls a rod into him.

Meanwhile, Kato gives a similar spiel about making her a star to the eager and ambitious Kizuki, who easily gives herself to Kato. Possibly the only "statement" the film makes is how gullible some girls/women are when promises of stardom are presented to them. It's like the more ambitious they are, the more they are willing to give of themselves!

However, the couple's lovemaking is interrupted when Hagio, who has woken up and gone outside, returns with Kawashima's bloody head. Unhinged, Hagio goes to the bathroom to masturbate. She is thrown Tsuruoka's broken-off hand which she uses on herself with relish. The creature then turns up for more sex before inserting his hand into her vagina and pulls out her entrails.

Kato stumbles out into the night but is hung by the creature who then threatens Kizuki before having sex with her. The fog clears in the morning. The ending shows Kizuki, heavily pregnant, wistfully wondering what had really happened.

The viewer, with thumb on the restart button, can also do the same.

Note: Entrails Of A Virgin (Synapse DVD) is banned in $ingapore.

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March 25, 2007


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