More gore than fright, Takao Nakano's Sexual Parasite bites where it really hurts - turning a woman's crotch into a mouth of teeth, making mincemeat out of any male sexual predators. With voluptuous female nudity in tow, Sexual Parasite makes an ideal moveable feast. Stephen Tan reviews.


Sexual Parasite's premise is an oft-quoted one in horror/sci-fi/speculative fiction hybrids - from The Hidden to Arachnophobia. One year ago... a pair of explorers, Naoto and Sayoko, ventures deep into the Amazon in search of the wormy Aparache no Moge. Capturing the worm, they are confronted by a local shaman who warns them of the dangers posed by the worm which they promptly ignore. Keeping the worm in a styroform box, it however bites through the box and enters Sayoko.


Cut to the present. Three girls - Ryoko, Mari and Saki - and two guys (Akira and Hiroshi) are on a  trip to the mountains for sex and booze. Their van breaks down but they find an abandoned building. While the rest are taking a break, Mari and Hiroshi wander off and find a freezer with a nude Sayoko wrapped in plastic (a veiled reference to David Lynch's Twin Peaks perhaps?). Finding a bath, Mari strips down, soaps herself while singing "When You're Happy Clap Your Hands" before she finds Sayoko stepping into the bath with her. After a brief struggle, Sayoko overcomes Mari and passes the worm to her.

Feeling that Mari has been gone for about quite a while, the happy campers rouse Hiroshi from his sleep to look for Mari. He sees the naked Mari in the corridor who asks him to go with her. Following a trail of greenish vaginal discharge, Hiroshi finds Mari in a room offering herself to him. Fingering her, Hiroshi is aroused when he finds her wet and slimy and decides to go all the way, only to have his penis bitten off - Mari's vagina has turned into a gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth.


Hearing Hiroshi's death scream, the rest rush to see what had happened - only to find Hiroshi's body torn apart. In the process they find Sayoko and in the darkness and shock, the three split up. Saki finds Mari sobbing in a room but her few brief moments of humanity soon turn into a nightmare as Saki forces herself on Mari, and tears away Mari's clothes. Mari puts up a struggle at first but with Saki all over her, she soon gives in to her lesbian tendencies (apparently she had a fling with Ryoko, who now devotes herself to Akira).

Meanwhile Ryoko meets Naoto, who has been keeping Sayoko's body in the storage facility, but Ryoko manages to escape from Naoto's clutches with his gun.


Thus infected, Mari finds Akira huddled in a room. Saying she's in love with him, Mari and Akira have sex only to have the worm bite off Akira's penis and killing him just as Ryoko enters the room. The final showdown has Ryoko becoming a female Ramboette but she still needs an electrical charge to subdue the parasite.


Takao Nakano's Sexual Parsite (2004) might have been cliched but it has a couple of things going for it. Films such as The Hidden and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers might be more cerebral and Arachnophobia more creepy but Sexual Parasite hits where it counts - this is a parasite or worm that burrows deep into a woman's vagina, lives off the woman and emerges as a deadly critter attacking only the males. As such the film's onscreen title is more appropriate - Killer Pussy! As an analogy for sexually transmitted diseases, Sexual Parasite is unparallelled - while the women may spit out slimy little baby critters, the parasite can only enter their bodies through the vagina.


While there are Hollywood movies whose catering budget is many times that of Sexual Parasite - and indeed, the creature effects are much to be desired though there is enough visceral and gore to keep fans happy - what matters most is the fine casting of the three female leads. It is uncertain if Ryoko, Mari and Saki were cast because they were willing to appear nude or that they each had enormous breasts! But they certainly made their presence felt as the girls probably spent about half the time onscreen either topless or nude.


One heck of a visual gimmick, tantalising sex and nudity, enough gore for a splatterfest and, as the film producers note, "No killer pussies were injured or killed during the filming of this motion picture." Environmentally friendly too.


Note: The Sexual Parasite DVD (Discotek Media) is banned in $ingapore.

Readers might also be interested to check out Mitchell Lichtenstein's The Teeth (2007), another variation of the vagina dentata theme.

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June 3, 2007


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