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In an astonishing unprecedented event, nearly 65 unreleased Paul McCartney tracks spanning 1971 through 1987 have been leaked online over the past few days -- totaling nearly four hours of music. Beatles fans have been trading information back and forth in a frenzy as to how all this music -- music that McCartney has vigorously safeguarded for decades -- has now been linked to the public for free over various websites.

Many of the songs are believed to be straight tape dubs from Wings' original roadie, the late Trevor Jones, whose personal archives were auctioned off by Christie's in 1998. Other speculation is that some of this material stems from early work tapes intended for one or more of the McCartney box sets which have recently been in production.

[NOTE: It is likely that these songs are all from the 1998 auction. Some generous collector is sharing. Thank you kind sir.]

Among the many highlights on the set are: Acetates of "Another Day," and "Hi, Hi, Hi," full Wings rehearsals of songs performed on their 1975/1976 world tour - including "Listen To What The Man Said," "Blackbird," "Hi, Hi, Hi," multiple takes of "Junior's Farm," "Soily," "Call Me Back Again," "Picasso's Last Words," "Bluebird," "I've Just Seen A Face," "Magneto And Titanium Man," "Little Woman Love/C Moon," "Live And Let Die," and "You Gave Me The Answer," the still-unreleased McCartney torch song "Suicide," - as well as an early live band run-through of "Let 'Em In" taped prior to McCartney officially recording it.

Other gems include an early mix of "Silly Love Songs" lacking the signature string and brass overdubs with McCartney instead scat-singing the legendary horn part, a version of the 1976 Wings favorite "Must Do Something About It" - which was originally released with drummer Joe English taking the lead, but now features McCartney's original unreleased "guide" vocal, an instrumental mix of Wings' 1979 hit "Getting Closer" and the 1978 outtake "Cage."

More rarities in the bunch feature 1980 Wings rehearsals of "No Values" - which McCartney eventually released on his 1984 Give My Regards To Broad Street soundtrack, full band rehearsals of 1971's "Mama's Little Girl," and an extended take of McCartney on electric piano teaching Wings "Take It Away" - a tune they would never get to record. A particular highlight is the rarely-heard 1982 official recording of "Runaway" - a tune McCartney donated to the Barbados group Ivory.

For the first time, outtakes from Tug Of War - McCartney's 1982 reunion with George Martin - have surfaced. The new batch of tracks include the previously unheard instrumental "Newt Rack," as well as "offline monitor mixes" (tapes running while music is playing out of speakers) of "Take It Away" which features an extended coda, and a scaled-back, very rough mix of McCartney's collaboration with Stevie Wonder "What's That You're Doing?"

Pristine sounding abbreviated outtakes from McCartney's 1987 "Russian Album" sessions feature McCartney going full throttle on snippets of Elvis Presley's "Poor Boy," the Vipers' "No Other Baby," the Lonnie Donegan-adapted "Take This Hammer," Carl Perkins' "Lend Me Your Comb," and an alternate vocal version of Fats Domino's "Ain't That A Shame."

Beatlefan magazine publisher Bill King explained that there is a direct correlation between these tracks going public within days of McCartney announcing a catalogue overhaul through his new label Concord Music Group: ["The leaking of these tracks - for whatever reason - whether it's a disgruntled employee who's upset about the box set reportedly being shelved for a while, or if these tracks perhaps had already leaked out and someone was just sitting on them for a while - y'know, there's a lot of different theories. But for whatever reason that these things have suddenly come out, I think it's not coincidental. I think that it happened a day or two after the Concord reissue program was announced is probably instructive. Y'know, there's a cause and effect relationship there."]

Wings co-founder and original drummer Denny Seiwell shed some light on the late Trevor Jones - the man who might be responsible for all this material reaching fans over a decade after his death: ["The roadies; Ian Horn and Trevor Jones - they were brothers-in-law, I guess. Ian married Trevor's sister... something like that - I don't know. But the next couple of years it was just me and Henry (McCullough) and Ian and Trevor. We were like always together. Trevor died. What year was it that Linda (McCartney) died? '98. Well then, Trevor died just before that, I think. He had an alcohol problem. Paul told me about this. I had no idea. Paul said that he had to give him the 'golden handshake' because of his boozin' and that he had passed away."]

Over a decade after McCartney and Elvis Costello laid down demos of their initial songs in 1987, tapes of the sessions found their way into the hands of bootleggers - a situation that still riles Costello: ["I don't have anything more against the major corporations than I do against people who are willfully stealing other people's work through the Internet. I mean, they're all pirates and brigands to my way of thinking, y'know? Unless it's a fair deal on both sides. And Paul and I, of course, discussed releasing those recordings at one point, but we're both going forward with new work and the opportunity to do so hasn't presented itself. On the other hand; recordings that were sketches for the writers that may have somehow slipped out and become available, I don't think that there's any obligation on our part to release them because somebody did steal 'em."]

Although McCartney has issued previously-unreleased work on various soundtracks and single B-sides, he's shied away from releasing a full-on outtakes collection. In late-1980 he had been preparing an album called Cold Cuts featuring outtakes spanning his entire career up through that point. Following John Lennon's 1980 murder, McCartney was said to have felt that releasing an outtake collection in what would be his first musical statement following Lennon's death would be in poor taste. Although Cold Cuts has been booted numerous times since 1985, McCartney has yet to release an official version of it.

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The tracks, as shared by champagneorslimfast on the internet:


This is from the August 1974 One Hand Clapping sessions with Geoff Britton on drums. (Thanks to cb70 for this tip.)

Beware My Love (Instrumental, complete acetate version)
Beware My Love (uncomplete version)
Must Do Something About It (Paul on vocal)
She's My Baby (Take 1)
She's My Baby (version 2)
Silly Love Songs (without strings or horns)
The Note You Never Wrote (without strings)
Time To Hide (instrumental)
Wino Junko (rough mix)

These tracks date from the January-February 1976 Wings At The Speed Of Sound sessions.

Richard Cory

This is a live in-studio rehearsal from September 1975 - more from this session has surfaced and will be seeded very soon.

Mull Of Kintyre (count-in)

Not very different from the released version, recorded in August 1977.

Daytime Nighttime Suffering (early version)

Dates from January-February 1979.

Take It Away (monitor mix)
What's That You're Doing (rough take)
Newt Rack (instrumental)

These tracks are taken from the Tug Of War sessions at Air Studios in London and Montserrat in March 1981. Newt Rack was recorded on March 11, 1981 and is a slightly aimless instrumental with an appropriately whimsical throwaway title (get it, New tRack? I didn't either until cb70 mentioned it).

Choba Medley (Part 1)
Choba Medley (Part 2)

These two tracks contain excerpts from all the tracks recorded in the July 1987 ????? ? ???? sessions. This includes interesting but frustratingly incomplete snippets from the unreleased versions of "Cut Across Shorty," "No Other Baby," "Poor Boy," "Lend Me Your Comb" and "Take This Hammer."

Another Day
Hi Hi Hi

Both of these are taken from acetates, and don't sound notably different from the released versions.

01 Little Woman Love / C Moon
03 You Gave Me The Answer
06 Live And Let Die (Part 2 working Session)

These tracks date from the early September 1975 Elstree Film Studio rehearsals for the Wings UK tour later that month. Madinger and Easter mention three cassettes in the Trevor Jones collection from this era, named "1975 Tour Setlist," "Tour Rehearsal 1975," and "Day 2 Elstree, 1975." It's hard to tell which tracks are sourced from which, but it does seem (through the track labeling as well as the sonic quality) that there are 3 different sources for these tracks. This seems to be musically looser, so I am (very!) tentatively going to name this one "Tour Rehearsal 1975."

Junior's Farm (Version 1)
Junior's Farm (Version 2)
Let Em In (Take 1)
Little Woman Love / C Moon
Old Man River

More Elstree rehearsals. Since Soily and Junior's Farm are more developed, I'll go out on a limb and dub this one "Day 2 Elstree 1975." Let 'Em In wasn't performed during that tour, and this runthrough seems to be mostly to familiarize the band with the song's structure. Old Man River and Stealin' are loose jams, the latter of which is a song Denny was quite fond of - he also performed it during the October 1980 rehearsals on the When It Rains It Pours disc.

01 Soily
03 Picasso Last Words / Richard Cory
04 Bluebird
05 I ve Just Seen A Face
08 Yesterday
10 You Gave Me The Answer
11 Magneto And Titanium Man
11 Medicine Jar
14 Go Now
16 Letting Go
18 Live And Let Die
19 Call Me Back Again (Incomplete)
33 Listen To What The Man Said
35 Hi Hi Hi

From the track names, it's probably fair to assume two things: this is the "1975 Tour Setlist" tape and the rest of the tracks are probably out there somewhere.

Did We Meet Somewhere Before

From early 1978, not too different from what's been bootlegged before, although it might be a little cleaner than what's previously circulated.

01 Reception (Long Version)
02 Cage (Instrumental Backing Track)
03 Getting Closer (Instrumental Backing Track)
06 Rockestra Theme So Glad To See You Here (Instrumentals)

These Back To The Egg outtakes could be sourced from the early 1979 rough assembly cassette Madinger and Easter mention. The track numbers given also hint that there may be more from this cassette yet to come.

Fabulous / Teddy Bear

Madinger & Easter report three cassettes labeled "Wings Rehearsal 1980" as part of the Trevor Jones collection, and that they may contain Fabulous and Teddy Bear, in addition to In The Midnight Hour, Tears Of A Clown, Ain't That A Shame, Oh Boy, I'm In Love Again, Your True Love, and Lend Me Your Comb. If this track is any indication, the rest of those covers are very rough jams.

Momma's Little Girl (Intro)
Momma's Little Girl
Take It Away
No Values
Denny's Song

These are also likely from a "Wings Rehearsal 1980" cassette. These all seem to be from Pugins Hall in Kent (the site of the aforementioned When It Rains It Pours boot), and seem to be rehearsals in earnest for a Wings album that never came to fruition. Take It Away has been dated as October 1980, while No Values is from November 7, 1980. Denny's Song was later attempted in Montserrat in February 1981 with Paul, Denny & Dave Mattacks, but this version is a rough run-through with the rest of Wings. At the end of Take It Away, Denny reports a car accident up the road - are there any records of automobile incidents in Kent in 1980 to give this track a definite date? (Cheeky, I know.)

01 Venus And Mars / Rock Show / Jet
02 Let Me Roll It
04 Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
07 Blackbird
08 Lady Madonna
09 The Long And Winding Road
32 My Love
34 Band On The Run

These tracks belong to the previous set of September 1975 Wings rehearsals.

01 A Love For You
07 Waterspout

These two tracks probably are taken from the "Cold Cuts, 1980" cassette Madinger & Easter mention.

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