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The nation-builder press, May 4 2003

In the above report, it said:

"There have been no relapses among discharged patients here, said Minister of State (Health), Dr Balaji Sadasivan, during a SARS dialogue at the Kallang Theatre on Friday.

"He believes the patients in Hongkong may have been discharged prematurely because the steroids they were given masked their symptoms."

The nation-builder press, Apr 30 2003

In this report, FOUR days earlier, it said:

"The man developed a fever on April 11, according to the Ministry of Health. He did not return to work the following day and went to see a doctor... The man had to see his doctor a second time - on April 15 - before he was referred to the Emergency Department of Changi General Hospital for viral fever. Blood tests showed he was apparently normal and he was discharged with two days' medical leave. On April 19, he complained of breathlessness and collapsed at home. He never recovered."

He died.

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"The [SARS] virus still exists in the patients' urine and stool after they were discharged. It will persist for at least another month or maybe even longer."

- Dr Joseph Sung, head of the Department of Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong scientists are also concerned that the SARS virus may survive in an infected person's body for at least a month after recovery. Doctors are urging patients to avoid personal contact such as hugging and kissing when they go home.

The nation-builder press, Mar 20 2003.

"I think Mr Newater has a very good point - the introduction of Newater has reduced the need to increase the price of water here."

- Environment Minister Lim Swee Say, Mar 20 2003. Newater is made from toilet waste [urine and stool]. It is currently pumped into $ingapore homes.

The nation-builder press, Mar 20 2003.

"Having talked about the colour of the sky, the air and the land, he (Mr Lim Swee Say) said his officials reminded him of an area he had not addressed: public health. 'I said: 'Very good. So, what is the colour of public health?' And they told me the colour is pink,' he said to laughter from MPs."

The nation-builder press, May 3 2003. [Mr Lim is second from left.]

On May 5 2003, 46 days later, SARS had killed 26 $ingaporeans and 3,034 were under home quarantine with fines and jail terms for quarantine breakers.

$ingaporeans are seeing RED.

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[another reason $ingapore joined the US-led coalition to invade Iraq]
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Asian Wall Street Journal, Apr 28 2003

Asian Wall Street Journal, Apr 28 2003

This is what the report said: "$ingapore, which hosts US military facilities, has been singled out for friendly treatment because it was willing to be named as part of the US-led ‘coalition for the immediate disarmament of Iraq’.

"American officials have responded by pushing a free-trade agreement with $ingapore through the US Congress, while pointedly sitting on a similar pact with Chile that was supposed to be passed at the same time."

"The $ingapore government has repeatedly said the reason why it joined the US-led war on Iraq was because Iraq was a threat and had to be disarmed. No weapons of mass destruction has yet to be found."

- The young, restless and cynical Mirror of Opinion, Apr 28 2003.

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[or the real reason for invading Iraq]

Visit http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article2973.htm for a clearer view of the picture.

The above picture and text from Information Clearing House: Apr 16 2003

"The picture shows what would appear to be U.S. marines stripping gold plating from a door located in one of Saddam’s Palaces. There is of course always the possibility that I am misreading the picture.

"Another possible explanation is that these boys found the door was not working properly and are attempting to fix its hinges properly. Hmmmm?"

"Definitely safer and more rewarding than searching for deadly weapons of mass destruction."
- The young, restless and cynical Mirror of Opinion, Apr 28 2003.

Curators: Iraq art thieves were experts. Professional thieves appear to have slipped in among the bands of looters in Iraqi museums, curators said Tuesday as they urged U.S. authorities to tighten border security and stop the flow of stolen treasures.

Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, also said it was "extraordinary" that American troops did not prevent the theft. "This is without question the greatest disaster to a national collection since the Second World War, without question," MacGregor told BBC.
Read here: http://www.salon.com/news/wire/2003/04/29/iraq_museum/index.html

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On Apr 29, $ingaporeans awoke to find out that "Mr Lim Hng Kiang will leave the Health Ministry for the Prime Minister's Office when the SARS situation has stabilised, on a date to be announced later. At his new posting, he will oversee population-related issues such as the greying profile, marriage and procreation and talent recruitment."

During his tenure as Minister of Health, Mr Lim had compared $50 mammograms to be about as expensive as a new hairdo. His remark raised some comments from women’s groups.

[see story here http://www.singapore-window.org/sw01/010819af.htm]


On Apr 29, $ingaporeans awoke to find out that Mr David Lim had resigned as Minister of Information, Communications and the Arts. The President's and Colombo Plan scholar, who headed bodies such as the Jurong Town Corporation, Port of Singapore Authority and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development before going into politics has decided to join the private sector.

During his tenure at the Ministry of Defence, he reported that the ministry had made an accounting lapse when he explained how $1 billion was missing. He also called the $388 million tax dispute between SingTel and the Infocomm Development Authority, an "honest mistake".


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