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Updated May 2, 2008

Meet the new tnuc
same as the old TNUC

The new tnuc on the block

The nation-builder press, April 28, 2008.

"The new logo now shows who the Empire is going after."
- The young, restless and cynical Mirror of Opinion, April 28, 2008.

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The nation-builder press, April 23, 2004

"They are patting themselves on the back for a job well done and they even have a brand new $400 million ziggurat. In 30 days, Minister Without Portfolio Lim Boon Heng, who is also TNUC chief, will get his pay-cut RESTORED. But for workers, "wage reform" (aka pay cuts) must go on."
- The young, restless and cynical Mirror Of Opinion, May 1, 2004.

"The 32-storey building at the junction of Raffles Quay and Marina Boulevard will be completed in 2004" - the nation-builder press, Aug 17 2001.

TNUC’s one-year only help package - the nation-builder press, May 6 2002.


While the $ingapore economy tripped, stumbled and fell in 2001, the ONLY workers union here decided to build a $400 million tower headquarters in the heart of the business district where the professionals (ie non-unionised workers) haunt.

On June 19 2002, the TNUC head and minister without portfolio, Lim Boon Heng was reported to have said the only way to staunch the outflow of jobs is for $ingapore to lower its wage costs. The NWC have just confirmed that wage cuts must happen.

$ingapore workers have already sacrificed through their 1999 CPF cuts about $7.5 billion a year. With GST confirmed to rise to 5%, workers will sacrifice another $1.32 billion a year from 2004. Altogether workers are sacrificing almost $9 billion a year to help $ingapore.

$17.6 million for poor workers, $400 million for TNUC’s tower.

No power without accountability.

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The nation-builder press, Oct 19 2002

"Already into chicken rice, cooking oil and condominiums, the TNUC business empire seems to be expanding relentlessly. Competitors slam its growth; the labour movement says it’s all in aid of workers…."
The nation builder press, Oct 19 2002

"Comfort Group’s Mr Goh Chee Wee is among the highest-paid chief executive officers in Singapore."
– The nation-builder press, Aug 19 2002.

"Greeting sunrise and sunset with a stroll around the farm, drink in hand, has become a daily routine for Netball Singapore president Ivy Singh-Lim and husband Lim Ho Seng, the former CEO of TNUC Fairprice. They moved into a house on the 4 ha farm at Neo Tiew Road in June and are enjoying having their very own green oasis…"
The nation-builder press, Nov 5 2002

"Every empire needs an Emperor and his Court Officials. In $ingapore, leaders earn million-dollar salaries."
The young, restless and cynical Mirror of Opinion, Dec 23 2002

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While labour leaders earn big salaries, the PAP government’s policy on aiding workers was spelt out as recently as Aug 20 2001.

The nation-builder press, Aug 20 2001.

With GST confirmed to rise to 5 per cent on Jan 1 2004, it will mean an additional burden to bear of $1.32 billion a year, forever.

The government has also refused to restore CPF cuts. Which means the 1999 CPF cuts, which cost Singapore workers $7.5 billion in earnings a year, remains for a fourth year. That’s a total of $30 billion that workers have sacrificed so far.

Workers wages have also been frozen by order of the National Wages Council. Living in $ingapore is a high cost affair. And WORKERS ARE THE ONES ASKED TIME AND TIME AGAIN TO BEAR THE BURDEN AND MAKE THE SACRIFICE.

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