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By X'Ho
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ISBN No. 981-04-7173-4
Special Edition - $25 (comes with free X' With An X CD)
Normal Edition - $19
Publisher: Options Publications Pte Ltd
Street Date: October 1, 2002

X'Ho's new book, Attack Of The S.M. Space Encroachers, will come in a special edition at selected bookstores in early October. You can not only read him but hear him as the limited edition will include his spoken-word CD, X' With An X: Me All Good No Bad, which has the classic tracks Cover Backside, Suck (featuring the Boredpucks) and the beloved interpretation of Alfian Sa'at's $ingapore You're Not My Country. The new book compiles his published essays from his popular column, The X'Ho- Files over the past three years, and also features a stack of new and unpublished commentaries.

Having defined that $ingaporean predisposition to hypocrisy with the catchphrase, Me All Good, No Bad!, X'Ho is now tackling that other sacred cow - that $ingapore is not a country, it's a construct. In Attack Of The S.M. Space Encroachers, X'Ho in no uncertain terms explains $ingapore's dilemma, its desperation to keep its citizens as well as the country's less-than-conscious efforts to kick them out.

As it has been written of him: "No one else has such an unerring finger on the pulse. No one else can cut through the jargon of campaigns and political posturing to see what lies beneath. No one else understands how we love and hate ourselves so much." The special edition costs $25 and is available while stocks last. The normal edition retails at $19 and is available from all good book stores.

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