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1. Tribal Voice Yothu Yindi
2. My Kind Of Life Yothu Yindi
3. Marltija Yothu Yindi
4. Dharpa Yothu Yindi
5. Matjala Yothu Yindi
6. Hope Yothu Yindi
7. Treaty (original recording) Yothu Yindi
8. Treaty (Filthy Lucre remix) Yothu Yindi
9. Djapana (Sunset Dreaming) Yothu Yindi
10. Say Chihuahua
11. Riddle In The Rain G.W. McLennan
12. Bathe (In The Water) G.W. McLennan
13. No Time For No-Where Def FX

Note: The Big Oz CD features music tracks, as well snippets from an interview with Yothu Yindi vocalist Mandawuy Yunupingu and a broadcast of the Big Backyard radio show in Australia. Only the music tracks are listed here.

This CD is priced at S$12 (including postage within Singapore). It comes with a copy of BigO #90 (Jun 1993).

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