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Sexy Lisa (Dead Cat Music)
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1. Sexy Lisa
2. Happy As A Clam
3. Stalker


5. Townerville
6. Tuesday In Dili

There are many bands in Singapore that produce one CD and then either take two years off or never follow it up at all. This looks bad and reinforces the market's perception that the band is just a bunch of amateurs. We released Never A Dull Moment, a full-length CD, last year and followed up with Sexy Lisa, a six-track EP, in July to avoid being perceived that way and to improve on some of our earlier mistakes.

There were fewer overdubs on Sexy Lisa and we spent less time on sleeve design. We also decided to keep the lyrics Ü listeners like to read along. I still think the vocals are weak, but I am pleased with the songs, the production and the sleeve design. If I could do it again, I would do two EP-length CDs in a year rather than one full-length CD. ItÍs cheaper and it makes you look productive.

Everyone asks "Who is Sexy Lisa?" One guy asked if he could meet her. The story is that there was a friend of mine who really liked this girl he met at a bar in Jakarta. He had her phone number and her first name, but he couldn't get her last name. So he wrote down in his address book, "Sexy Lisa." Like the virtual girl on the cover of the CD, Sexy Lisa looked good from afar...

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