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Deeper Underground (Snakeweed/BigO Records)
Note: Click on the song title and download an MP3 soundbite (each about 35 seconds; around 550k)

1. Sherene's Closet - French Kissing (unreleased)
2. Sherene's Closet - It's A Pity
3. The Boredphucks - Rock With You
4. The Boredphucks - Baby, When You're Gone
5. The Moderates - Morning Breaks (unreleased)
6. The Moderates - O How The Dogs Howl (unreleased)
7. Force Vomit - Liberator
8. Force Vomit - Rasta Baby 2
9. HDJ Tas Riser - Trishaw Ride Mix (unreleased)
10. HDJ Tas Riser - Perfume Tree Song (unreleased)
11. Return To Fall - Last Swell
12. Return To Fall - The End... Is Memory Sleeper Mix (unreleased)
13. Neural Vibe - Paranoid (unreleased)
14. Ossuary - R.I.P.
15. Ossuary - Nothing But Lies

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