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Give It Up For The Trustfund Rockers (BigO Records)
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1. Siti (718k)
2. He's No Longer (765k)
3. Liberator (941k)
4. (Are You) My Number One (706k)
5. Johnny Levitate (648k)
6. Yr Ad Campaigns Empower Me (706k)
7. The Kids Who WTF (824k)
8. Aisakos Don't Die (824k)
9. Auntie Trust (824k)
10. Maintenance (824k)
11. D Dreams (824k)

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Rock 'n' roll salvation has always come in curious forms. Elvis' hips, Bowie's glitter and the tear in Joey Ramone's Levis. So where does that leave Force Vomit, the band of misbegotten misfits who mix their punk rock with the swagger of Neil Sedaka? Taking their philosophy from a Kit Kat advertisement, Force Vomit have nonetheless stubbornly stuck it out since late 1993, terrorising the population with a CD (The Furniture Goes Up, 1998), a couple of cassette EPs (The Fight In The Cave Of The Moon Butchers, 1996, and Conspiracy A-Go-Go, 1995) and various singles, including Spacemen Over Malaysia on BigO's Singles Club CD No. 3 (1995), moving picture soundtracks and countless gigs all over this sweaty island. And on Feb 2, 2002, Force Vomit will release their new album, Give It Up For The Trustfund Rockers, featuring instant crowd pleasers such as Siti, (Are You) My Number One, Jonny Levitate, He's No Longer and D Dreams.

Force Vomit's Give It Up For The Trustfund Rockers is released through BigO Records, who recently put out The Oddfellows' Bugs And Hisses CD. BigO Records is an imprint of Options Publications Pte Ltd.


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