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The Hungry Ghost (Whimusic)

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1. Haunted
2. Heaven Is A Dark Place
3. Walk On Fire


5. Lady Twilight
6. Scary Town
7. This Cold Abyss
8. First Kill
9. Evil Never Dies
10. Supernatural Serenade
11. Frightened
12. She's A Mystery To Me

The songs of The Hungry Ghost peek into the mystery of everyday existence and evoke bizarre, unfathomable situations that seem strangely familiar. His music has been dubbed "gothic folk" by critics who've compared him to other artists known for a sense of brooding and darker edge ("imagine Lou Reed produced by Tricky," says one reviewer). On his new CD, The Hungry Ghost pays homage to horror/sci-fi/fantasy movies and comic books. The songs are grounded in reality while taking us on an imaginative journey through our innermost fears and desires.

"Like nightfall, The Hungry Ghost arrives gently. You cannot decide whether the sensation evokes serenity, foreboding or both. His ability to make the bleak sound appealing will haunt you long after the music stops."
- Milo,

"A bizarre electro-goth concoction of disembodied voices, new wave ambience, cut-n-paste electronica and a dervish of traditional Chinese instruments. Visited occasionally by the apparitions of Dylan, Reed, Almond and Gore, Singapore's emigrant son is mixing up wicked brew in Detroit."
- Mark Wong, BigO

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Click here for The Hungry Ghost interview.

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