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Bugs And Hisses (BigO Records)

1. Your Smiling Face
Live at Botanic Gardens, June 5, 1988. Bootleg recording. Previously released on Alternative Pop cassette compilation.
2. The Song You Said I'd Never Write
Rough mix by Shah Tahir from abandoned recording sessions in late '90s. Previously available only on the internet.
3. So Happy
Live at Moods in early 1999. Previously unreleased.

If You Love Me
B-side of 1992's Unity Song promo cassingle. First time on CD.

5. Song About Caroline
Bootleg recording of Oddfellows gig at Moods in early 1998. Previously unreleased.
6. Foggy Daylight
Taken from 1995's 7 Year Itch EP cassette. Also appeared on Mee Pok Man OST.
7. Teenage Head
Ironically, a song that was left out of The Oddfellows' 1991 Teenage Head album. Meant for a B-side but never saw the light of day. Previously unreleased.
8. Happy Birthday
Live at Moods early 1998. Previously unreleased.
9. A Love Tale
Taken from 1990's Phooney Accent cassingle. First time on CD.
10. Over Again
Live at Moods.
11. She's So Innocent
Live acoustic performance on radio, Peter King's Show, Nov 22, 1992.
12. You Calm Me Down
Another bootleg recording from Moods gig '98. Previously unreleased.
13. Two Trains
B-side of Unity Song promo cassingle. First time on CD.
14. Unity Song
Bootleg recording of Moods gig '98. Previously unreleased.
15. Lost My Head
Live at Moods early 1999. Previously released on The Substation's 10 Years And Counting CD.
16. Goodbye
Bootleg recording from Moods gig 1998. Previously unreleased.
17. Riding In Your Car
Taken from 1990's Phooney Accent cassingle. First time on CD.
18. Unity Song (bonus track)
19. 20 Years (bonus track)
20. Pretty Faces (bonus track)
21. Goodbye (bonus track)
22. Your Smiling Face (bonus track)

The long-awaited Oddfellows album is finally here... well, sort of. While not an album of entirely new songs, Bugs And Hisses, a compilation of bootleg recordings and unreleased tracks, will be on sale by Nov 20. This limited edition of 17 tracks will also have five newly-remastered bonus songs from Teenage Head (1991) and Carnival (1992) albums.

Fans who were at those historic gigs - 1988's Alternative Pop Live at Botanic Gardens, 1998's Moods gig - can hear it all again. There are many rarities including tracks from tape only releases such as the Phooney Accent cassette (1990) or the Unity Song promo tape (1992). And, finally, the song, Teenage Head, which gave the band's debut album its name, but which has never been released. PHILIP CHEAH asks lead Oddfellow Patrick Chng the secrets of Bugs And Hisses:

What sorts of albums were you thinking about before you settled on Bugs And Hisses?

I was thinking more of those albums that fans would pick up and discover another side to a band that they like. I really love The Dream Syndicate's It's Too Late To Stop Now and The Long Ryders' Metallic B.O. which were sort of bootlegs containing live recordings, radio broadcast performances and other rare tracks. Bugs And Hisses is modelled after those compilations.

How long did you take to sift through your mass of tapes and what happy/painful decisions did you make?

It took me many weeks to sift through all the tapes that I have lying at home. Since this was going to be a bootleg collection, if you can call it that, it's not that difficult to select the tracks. The sound quality is almost secondary. The painful decisions would be to release tracks that contain warts and all. That's why it's called Bugs And Hisses.

What were your main considerations when making each selection?

Although sound quality is secondary to me on this project, I know that not many people are exposed to bootleg live recordings or raw production. So I did take that into consideration as well as our performance and, of course, how rare the tracks are. Most of the tracks are being released on CD for the first time.

Note: All royalties due to The Oddfellows will go to Boys' Town Singapore and Sok Sabay.

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