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Stories About Love (Murmur Music OST)

1. Sorry My Love - Celeste
  The Music Teacher, by Kevin Mathews and Jason Tan (violin by Foo Say Ming)
2. The Music Teacher Theme
3. Movement 1 & 3
4. Su Wen
  Haura, by Zai Kuning and George Chua
5. Haura's Theme
6. Send Off
7. After
8. Ghazal
9. Links
10. Family Walk
11. Pure Gasak
12. Sampan With Me
13. Chatline
14. Prelude To Dance
15. Fallen Angels
  ClicK, by nohghani and Mahesan
16. David's Theme
17. Naked
18. Ankles To The B...
19. The Harem
20. Threesome
21. Solo
22. David's Boogie
23. Sorry My Love (Remix) - Celeste (Remixed by Jason Tan)

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