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X' With An X: Me All Good No Bad

Voted Album of 1999 by Zach's Trax!!!

Part 1: Hello Paradise
1. Not Fast Enough For Me
2. Lament (feat. Sheikh Haikel)
3. The Dutiful Person Oath
4. Army Camp. Meh?
5. What's Easy?
6. Implosion
7. Cover Backside
8. Yellow Trash
9. The Three T's*
10. The Three T's Jam (feat. The Force)
Part 2: The Money Trilogy
11. Singapore O Singapore (The Color Of Money)
12. Money Will Save Your Soul
13. Money Culture
Part 3: The Pest That We Can Be
14. Why Are We Such Rude Bastards
15. Let's Feed The Pigeons*
16. Thank God For Griping
17. Almost Everything You've Imagined About
Singapore (The Mottos)
18. Crap
19. Suck (feat. The Boredphucks)
20. Just Say No
Part 4: A Colony Again
21. Princess Grace (For Annabel Chong)
22. No Sex Scandals
23. Singapore You're Not My Country
24. Alfian Who?
25. You Made Me A Rebel
26. Let's Ban Smoking
Part 5: Paranoia Inc.
27. A Wet Dream In Biker Boots*
28. Who's Boss? (A Tribute To Princess Diana)
29. On The Ball*
30. The Unknowing Desperation*
31. Go Ask Brian Richmond
32. When To Use Our Oath (feat. Salim)
Bonus Track
33. Mr. Ant

* From X'Ho's book 'Skew Me, You Rebel Meh?

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