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Updated August 22, 2004

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[*weapons of mass destructi

World outraged by U.S. torture of Iraqi prisoners

-WARNING- These pictures should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Aljazeera - Pictures Of Death: Falluja - 04/07/04

Real children, Real pain, Real Blood, Real DEATH.

-WARNING- These pictures should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Aljazeera - Video: Falluja - 04/07/04

-WARNING- This video should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War

(A MUST WATCH VIDEO) An impressive roster of experts is assembled to provide a generally withering commentary on the quality of evidence and possible motivations of the Neoconservatives who provided the momentum and muscle behind America's venture into preemptive war. The fig leaf of the possibility of an honest mistake on the matter of WMDs is stripped away; what is left is the stark and disturbing anatomy of deliberate deceit.


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Iran warns of preemptive strike to prevent attack on nuclear sites

Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani warned that Iran might launch a preemptive strike against US forces in the region to prevent an attack on its nuclear facilities.


Is Israel planning to attack Iran?

More than once, defense officials in Jerusalem have said that Israel might attack Iran's nuclear facilities. In response, Iran's defense minister, Ali Shamkhani, warned that should Israel do so, his country would wipe out Israel.


John Pilger: The warlords of America

On 6 May last, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution which, in effect, authorised a "pre-emptive" attack on Iran. The vote was 376-3.


Report: 77 Killed in Najaf Since Thursday


Five Killed in U.S. Bombing of Iraq's Falluja


Two U.S. Marines killed in action


Militiamen Remove Weapons, Leave Najaf Shrine


Iraqi Police in Control of Najaf Shrine-Ministry


City of death

From Sadr City, Ahmed Mukhtar reports on a battleground that has failed to appear on Western TV screens


Najaf: "A Terrible Beauty Is Born"

The Shi'a people, after having suffered oppression and betrayal at the hands of Saddam Hussein and the US, are about to rise above all others to take the reins of sovereignty in their tortured and holy land.


Abu Ghraib doctors knew of torture

Army doctors at the Abu Ghraib prison west of Baghdad falsified medical records to cover up torture and human rights abuses perpetrated on Iraqi detainees, the British medical journal the Lancet reported today.


Senators Ask Where $8.8 Bln in Iraq Funds Went

At least $8.8 billion in Iraqi funds that was given to Iraqi ministries by the former U.S.-led authority there cannot be accounted for, according to a draft U.S. audit set for release soon.


Halliburton: Designer of the real Manchurian candidate?

The Times quoted one former accounting department worker’s claim that her bosses ordered her to do “whatever it took” to create the façade of profitability so as to meet Wall Street expectations for Halliburton earnings. Much of the gauging was at the taxpayers’ expense.


US general 'censured' for remarks

A US general who provoked outcry by describing the "war on terror" as a Christian campaign against Satan broke Pentagon rules, an inquiry has found.


''The Rising Evangelical Foreign Policy of the United States''

Within Washington's current administration there exists a confluence of often opposing interests: evangelical Christian ideology and neo-liberal economic theory.


We could have stopped him

Nearly three years after the September 11 attacks the US intelligence team dedicated to tracking down Bin Laden is still less than 30 strong - the size it was in 1999.


Intel expert: those who failed must pay

The man who led the fruitless hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq told a Senate panel Wednesday that reforming the nation's intelligence agencies would not fix their flaws unless those individuals responsible for failure were made personally accountable.


Weapons of Minimum Destruction

'Believe it or not, what we refer to as "weapons of mass destruction" are actually not very destructive.'


An Ordinary View of Extra-Ordinary Times

We use legal and illegal drugs to blank out the reality of a world without a future. Our politicians respond to the growing crisis by passing laws that further control our lives, take away our personal choice, remove our freedoms, erode our privacy, and imprison people for making mistakes or for being poor.


Peres demands early Israeli elections

Israel's opposition leader, Shimon Peres, today called for early elections that would effectively rule his party out of joining a coalition to prop up the prime minister, Ariel Sharon.


Who's pulling strings behind anti-Kerry ads?

Texas GOP, Bush friends tied to swift boat attacks


The Return of COINTELPRO

FBI Launches Nationwide Surveillance Of Activists Ahead of GOP Convention


Ted Kennedy finds it hard to be taken off federal 'no-fly' list

Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy said yesterday that he was stopped and questioned at East Coast airports five times in March because his name appeared on the government's secret "no-fly" list.


Exclusive: Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu Risks Jail To Speak to Democracy Now!

First Nat'l U.S. Interview


America's Workers Set to Protest Bush Overtime Pay Take-Away

Across the nation, America's workers are set to protest President George W. Bush's overtime pay take-away, in which some 6 million workers could lose their right to overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


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Al-Sadr orders followers to quit Najaf shrine

U.S. bombs Fallujah targets; oil facilities hit by insurgents : Radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ordered his fighters Thursday to hand control of a revered Najaf shrine to top Shiite religious authorities


Fierce fighting erupts in Najaf

Fierce fighting has erupted in the city of Najaf after a rebel Shi'ite cleric defied an Iraqi government threat to attack his stronghold in a holy shrine and rejected demands that he end his uprising.



Iraq Warns Al-Sadr to Surrender, or Else

The cleric also must sign a statement saying he will refrain from future violence. In addition, al-Sadr must hold a news conference to announce he is disbanding the Mahdi Army.


Al-Sadr 'rejects ultimatum' to surrender

Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr has rejected an Iraqi government ultimatum to renounce violence and disband his militia, says a senior aide.



Juan Cole: What does Muqtada al-Sadr Want?

Muqtada has given many sermons and interviews in the past 16 months outlining his goals exactly.


Blast hits police station in Najaf killing seven

A mortar barrage slammed into a police station in the holy city of Najaf on Thursday, killing at least seven policemen


Fifty killed in Sadr City

The US military says its forces have killed more than 50 Shiite militiamen in a significant advance into a Baghdad suburb that is a powerbase for radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.


US soldier killed in Sadr City

A US soldier was killed in the Baghdad stronghold of Shiite militiamen loyal to rebel cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the US military said Thursday.


Kidnappers threaten to kill western journalist

The kidnappers of an American-French journalist in Iraq have threatened to execute him within 48 hours unless US forces withdraw from the holy city of Najaf.


2 detainees killed at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison

U.S. military police shot and killed two detainees and wounded five others in an effort to put down a massive brawl that broke out today at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison facility west of the Iraqi capital.


Abu Ghraib : The Conscience of Joe Darby

Handing over those photos didn't make Joe Darby a hero. It made him a traitor.


Guantanamo Detainees Expected to Claim Torture

Confessions and other evidence may be challenged on grounds they were obtained by coercive techniques. U.S. officials deny any abuse.



Helen Thomas: Kerry deals away his ace in the hole

It appears American voters have little choice between the presidential candidates in the November election when it comes to the disastrous war against Iraq.


How Cheney Cooked The Books And Got Away With $35 Million


Army Drops Halliburton Penalty

After a threat of legal action, the military agrees to pay all of the firm's Iraq-Kuwait fees.


Only true believers need apply

Neurotic control lies at the heart of the Republican campaign


Why I won't Apologize for Calling Bush a Fascist


Video: Despotism & Democracy

(In case you missed it) Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted. Where does your community, state and nation stand on these scales?


UK: Increase in state databases 'a threat to civil liberties'

The government has lost control of the growing network of state databases monitoring every aspect of modern life, presenting dangers for basic liberties, a senior Labour MP warned yesterday.


Report: Europe faces extreme climate change

Rising sea levels, disappearing glaciers in the Alps and more deadly heat waves are coming for Europeans because of global warming, Europe's environmental agency warned Wednesday.


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Fighting rages in Najaf

The director of Najaf's main hospital, Falah al-Muhana, said 29 people had been brought in killed or wounded from the clashes.


Marines picked Najaf fight without Pentagon's OK

Officers turned a firefight with cleric's forces into bloody eight-day battle, political stalemate.


Iraqi gives militiamen a deadline

Iraq Iraq's defense minister gave Shiite militiamen in the holy city of Najaf hours to surrender on Wednesday, warning that troops were preparing for a major assault to "teach them a lesson they will never forget."


Sadr surprised by threats, had agreed to mediators' demands: aide


Iraqi Delegates Say Sadr Agrees to End Najaf Crisis

Iraqi delegates to a conference choosing a national assembly said Wednesday that radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr had agreed to government demands to end an uprising in the holy city of Najaf.


Tehran Warns U.S. Against "provocative" Action In Najaf


Shia showdown: There are to be no witnesses this time

The few journalists in Najaf have been ordered to leave on pain of arrest. But if this ends in a last stand and a massacre of the al-Mahdi militia in the most sacred site in the Shia world, the long-term cost to the United States will far outweigh any possible gains.



The father of 10-year-old Palestinian boy Khaled Al-Osta cries next to his dead body after he was shot by Israeli soldiers during an army operation in the Old City area of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.(AFP/Jaafar Ashtiyeh)


Israeli Soldiers Kill 9-Year-Old Boy

Israeli soldiers on Tuesday shot and killed a 9-year-old Palestinian boy in Nablus as he sat on the front steps of his home eating a sandwich


US troops arrest journalist in Iraq

US occupation troops have arrested an Agence-France Presse journalist in the Iraqi town of Tikrit


Protestors accuse political bigwigs of hijacking Iraq's interim legislature

Some 450 delegates at a key national conference accused the main political parties of hijacking a scheduled vote for a new interim legislature for Iraq, saying most members were chosen long ago in secret.


Five Female Students shot dead In Kut

Iraqi police said five women students were killed and another five wounded when a US convoy was attacked at around 8:30am outside the southern city, "US troops returned fire just as a minibus carrying the students passed by."


U.S. forces, insurgents clash near Baghdad

At least five civilians were killed and eight were injured during the fighting


2 U.S. troops die in separate Iraq clashes


Journalist who had filmed a house destroyed by US warplanes, killed "in unexplained circumstances"


Retiring GOP Rep.: Iraq War Unjustified

A top Republican congressman has broken from his party in the final days of his House career, saying he believes the U.S. military assault on Iraq was unjustified and the situation there has deteriorated into "a dangerous, costly mess."


Manuel Valenzuela: Gods of War, Gods of Greed and Profiteers of Misery

Our 9/11 became their Pearl Harbor, a moment in time needed to unleash already predetermined plans to expand power and control on a now easily manipulated and mobilized citizenry.


Reinventing democracy

Elections are due soon in the United States, Afghanistan, Iraq and Indonesia. Democracy, the creation of the Greeks, remains the least bad political system. But it has to work properly: it must remain accountable to ordinary people and not suborn power.


Pakistan: Cleric dies in Pakistan custody

Police confirmed Mr Noor's death, but gave no details. His Islamic MMA party says he was beaten in detention.


Norway: "anti-terror" investigation exposes US-backed torture in northern Iraq

Norwegian authorities have dropped terrorist charges against exiled Iraqi cleric Mullah Krekar after investigators discovered that the main evidence against him, provided by the US, was obtained through torture.


IDF teaches US soldiers guerilla response

US Army units are undergoing training in the special anti-terror school located in the Adam base near Modi'in.



Mosaic: World News Reports From Middle East TV For 08/17/04

The nation's only uncensored compilation of daily television news reports from more than 15 countries in the Middle East. QuickTime Video.


Key Evidence in Doubt in U.S. Mosque Case

U.S. prosecutors acknowledged on Tuesday possible flaws in a key piece of evidence in their case against two leaders of an Albany, New York, mosque accused of supporting terrorism


Crying Wolf in the War Against Terror

When you think about what the Constitution is supposed to protect us against, Hamdi's story is a scary one even during this time of terror.


Worried about security? Consider The Handmaid's Tale

Those who believe that the danger to our future lies in enemies beyond our borders should heed a novelist's nightmare about a threat lurking within America -- the danger of right-wing fundamentalism.



Israel kills five Palestinians in attempt to assassinate Hamas leader


Hundreds More Palestinian Prisoners Join Hunger Strike

A total of 2,264 of the 3,800 prisoners who are being held in prison service-run detention centers were now refusing their meals


Soldier killed in Afghanistan

An army soldier was killed and five others suffered injuries when suspected militants attacked a military outpost in the Shakai valley of South Waziristan


Karzai's 17 rivals threaten to boycott Afghan elections unless he resigns

"Karzai misuses government facilities for his electoral campaign -- all (17) presidential candidates have unanimously agreed to ask for his resignation"


Annan calls for urgent increase in international forces in Afghanistan

Secretary-General Kofi Annan called for an urgent increase in international forces in Afghanistan to address the deteriorating security situation in the country.


Karen Kwiatkowski: Paying the Price for a No-Fault Security Strategy

Americans ought to reflect on just how the no-fault strategy works, and for whom.


1,000 Billion Dollars for Weapons

After declining in the post-cold war era of the early 1990s, global military spending is on the rise again -- threatening to break the one trillion dollar barrier this year, according to a group of U.N.-appointed military experts.


NYC To GOP: Drop Dead

A poll cited by the local ABC affiliate shows 83 percent of New Yorkers don't want their city to host the RNC. And many of them are planning to do something about it.


Canadian health care better than we think

Thanks to years of propaganda from the giant corporations with a vested interest in the U.S. health system, Americans have a somewhat jaundiced view of Canada's national health insurance program.


Secret US report surfaces on antidepressants in children

Internal memos and a secret government report about the negative effects of antidepressants in children - suppressed by the US Food and Drug Administration - have surfaced publicly.


British soldier killed in Basra

A British soldier was killed today and others wounded in clashes with militia fighters in the southern Iraqi city of Basra


US soldier killed in Baghdad

A US soldier was killed and a number of other soldiers wounded in a series of attacks in Shiite militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr's Baghdad stronghold,


Najaf police chief faces chilling dilemma

Militants had just kidnapped and dragged his ailing 80-year-old father through the streets. They also beat his brothers until they collapsed. Forty of his men were killed and several were beheaded.


Neo-con ideology, not Big Oil, pushed for war

Israel's fate has been the central passion of all those who identify themselves as "neo-conservative".


The Tiny Victims Of Desert Storm

When our soldiers risked their lives in the Gulf, they never imagined that their children might suffer the consequences--or that their country would turn its back on them.


Soldier Sues U.S. Military Over Extended Service

A decorated U.S. combat veteran filed a lawsuit on Tuesday asserting that the government can not prevent reservists from leaving the military when their enlistment periods end.


Changing the Army's Overseas Basing Would Cost $7 billion


Patrick J. Buchanan: Whose War?

(In case you missed it) A neoconservative clique seeks to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America‚s interest.


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